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'Emily Owens, M.D.' Recap: "Emily and the Alan Zoalman Incident"


Emily Owens, M.D.” was back Tuesday night with its second episode and it was just as good, if not better, than the pilot (So why aren’t more of you watching? Judging you!). After last week’s mortifying moment when Emily told Will that she liked him and he awkwardly responded that he didn’t feel the same way, Emily was determined to put it behind her. As Emily got ready for work, she recalled an incident in high school where she told a boy that she liked him and he spit on her. And so began, “Emily and the Alan Zoalman Incident.”

Emily gave herself a mental pep talk as she approached Will and the other interns, begging herself to be cool and instead, Emily called out, “Hey Willie!” Will was confused and when Cassandra asked if he went by ‘Willie,’ he said ‘no’ and poor Emily once again looked like she was wishing for death (I know I was. I have secondhand embarrassment issues, okay?). Tyra wanted to know what the deal was with Will and Emily told her about how she liked him and he didn’t feel the same way and Tyra wanted to know why she thought he would be onboard. Emily told Tyra about a drunken voicemail Will left her once where he said he was wasting his time with other girls and they should date. Tyra wanted to hear the message, but Emily insisted that she didn’t keep it (No one is buying that, Em, no one).

The first patient is an older man named Max, who has some heart issues. But due to his age, he’s not a good candidate for surgery. Emily gives him and his grandson the bad news and when they walk out, Gina tells her that her face looks sad and she needs to make it not look like that (Seriously, how awesome is Necar Zadegan?). The nurses are angry with Emily because of the incident with Jessica last week and it’s all over the hospital that she’s some kind of sexual predator. So they stick her with Margo, a young woman with terrible OCD, who makes Emily sanitize everything a whole bunch of times. The nurses are in the hallway laughing at her.

As if the poor woman doesn’t have enough problems, the chief (I don’t know his name yet) corners her to talk about what she saw in the stairwell or what he’s basically telling her that she didn’t see. Emily stumbles a little through their conversation because how awkward is it to know your boss is a whore? Emily is talking with Max and he tells her that she needs to stop worrying so much because none of it is big. She tells him that it feels big and he decides that he wants to have the surgery so he can see his grandson graduate from grad school.

Emily is scrubbing down a treadmill so Margo can have her stress test and Cassandra comes in to harass Emily (Seriously, she’s the right kind of bitch. You want to punch her in the face, but you also want to see what she’s going to do/say next). Cassandra taunts Emily about the gossip and then Adam, Margo’s fiancé, shows up. Margo won’t let him touch her and as Emily leaves the room, she runs into Will in the hallway and they have an awkward moment where they try to walk past each other.

Tyra still thinks something is up with Jessica since she’s always staring at her and Emily suggests that she put her attention elsewhere. She points out a different cute nurse just as another nurse walks by and tells Emily they’re not pieces of meat. Poor Emily cannot catch a break. She goes to find Micah, who is with his mom (This poor guy). Emily tells him the insurance company doesn’t want to pay for Max’s surgery and since Micah just got done convincing his mother to have chemo, he’s not really in the mood and orders Emily to handle it.

There’s another weird hallway moment between Emily and Will, but this time, she tells him that she just wants to put this behind them. Will agrees, but then he makes a sarcastic comment about doing things on her terms (Whoa, Will, I wasn’t expecting that). Emily is taken aback and Will goes off on her about making ‘this sweeping love proclamation’ and she insists that it was just a mistake and she’ll get over it because she knows he doesn’t like her. Will says that he really does like her and that’s the problem because their friendship is so important to him (Aw, Will, I forgive you). Emily tries to make the situation better by telling him that she has a crush on someone else and Will wants to know who (Um, Will, that is not your business). Emily says she has a crush on Micah, just as Cassandra walks up and overhears.

Margo is really anxious about her test and Emily snaps at her when she demands she sanitize her hands again. Emily immediately apologizes and tells her that she’s having a bad day. She tells her about the insurance issues and it turns out that Margo is a lawyer or she was a lawyer before her OCD got out of control. Margo writes down the information and Emily heads up to the roof to get cell reception. As she’s on the phone, she notices that Margo’s writing is weird (there was a medical term used, but we talked about this. I’m not a doctor).

Max’s surgery gets approved, Margo’s heart is fine, but Emily wants to give her an MRI. Emily passes Will in the hall and weirdly high-fives him before asking if he knows where Gina is. Will tells her that she’s in surgery. Emily can’t wait so she goes to the chief and asks him to sign off on the test. He reminds her that there’s protocol, but Emily tells him that this will help her forget what she saw. Mentally, she cannot believe she’s blackmailing the chief of staff. He signs off on the order, but makes it clear that this is the last time she can use this against him. Emily is barely breathing at this point.

As Margo goes in for her test, she asks Emily to talk to her. Emily tells her about Will and how the two of them have always been able to really talk and he can make her laugh and she’s getting all dreamy and Margo tells her silence would be good too (LMAO). Emily apologizes to the nurses and when Margo’s test comes back, they discover there is a tumor and that’s what made her OCD worsen (OMG, this scared me. My OCD has gotten worse, but I just assumed it was an age thing where everyone gets a little crazy once they pass 25. I’m probably fine, right?). Anyway, Gina is really MAD at Emily for going around her and makes it clear she’s on her list again.

Micah apologizes for snapping at Emily and tells her that his mom is the cancer patient. Cassandra sees them alone together and smugly apologizes for interrupting a moment, which forces Emily to tell Micah about how much she likes Will and how she lied about having a crush on Micah. Poor Micah takes it well, even though he’s obviously disappointed that she likes Will so much. Speaking of, Emily goes into an on call room to get some sleep and Will is already in there, sleeping. To Emily’s credit, she only stares at him for like a minute when he’s sleeping and then his alarm goes off so she quickly closes her eyes. Will gets up and looks at her for a minute too (Okay, in all seriousness, I know it was supposed to be a cute moment on both parts, but I find it creepy when people watch other people sleep).

Margo is nervous going into surgery, but she’s happy that she’ll be able to touch Adam again when it’s over. Emily argues with Cassandra again and the other girl insists that she didn’t spread the rumor about her liking Micah, but Emily knows she did, just like she told everyone about Alan Zoalman. Max’s grandson is angry with Emily for letting him have the surgery and as Micah and Gina operate, there’s a complication (Again, medical stuff, lots of blood, a close up on his heart pumping), but he makes it through just fine and the grandson apologizes when Emily shares the good news.

There’s a cute scene where Emily is hanging out with Micah’s mom after her chemo and Micah is obviously crushing hard, which his mom picks up on. Emily is ready to leave for the day and then she finds out that Margo didn’t make it. Gina explains that the tumor was complicated and Emily feels terrible. Gina tells her that this is why they need to maintain distance. Emily heads to the roof to be alone and then Will arrives to make a call, but when he sees Emily, he tries to go back inside.

Emily explodes a little and tells him that she still likes him, but she’ll get over it and in the meantime, he needs to “man up and deal with it.” Will looks a little stunned, but then he’s amused. He joins Emily and asks her what’s wrong. She tells him about her patient dying and Gina explaining that she’ll get used to it and Will disagrees. He tells her that she might get better at hiding it, but she’ll never get used to it because she’s a different kind of doctor than Gina is. He tells her that if he was sick, he’d want her treating him (Aw!). Emily is touched too and tells him that he’s not really helping her get over him. He tells her to “suck it up or grow a pair” and the two laugh (Shipping it). Will mocks her proclamation and heavy breathing and Emily rolls her eyes and admits that it was a proclamation, but a stupid one.

Later, Emily listens to Will’s voicemail (of course she kept it) and then since she’s trying to move on, she deletes it (NO!). Naturally she regrets it and then (hilariously) calls the phone company and wants them to retrieve it for her because it can’t just be gone. She asks to speak to the person’s supervisor (LMAO, I love this show).

Next week’s scenes featured a shirtless Will so clearly I have nothing coherent to say after that. Until then…


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