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'Dexter' Recap: "Swim Deep"


The last few minutes of Dexter last week were all about change. Deb seemed to have accepted the Dark Passenger, Dexter seemed okay with sharing everything with her and with showing her what he is all about, who he really is. Let’s see if that will stick this week.

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Dexter is cleaning up his boat, talking to his dad. Harry says the boat maintenance is about the only thing that ever remains the same. They talk about Deb, Dex says she is strong, she can handle his secret. Harry thinks it will slowly get to her. As Dexter is cleaning the boat, he notices blood, he wouldn’t leave a mess behind. Someone was killed there, but he didn’t do it.

Masuka tells Deb about the missing blood slide, and tells her LaGuerta had it processed in an outside lab. Deb instantly tenses and goes to LaGuerta about it. This does not sound good. She asks LaGuerta if it has anything to do with the Bayharbor Butcher when she notices she has Lundy’s notebook on her desk. For once, LaGuerta opens up to Deb, tells her she doesn’t think Doakes was guilty, the blood slide trophies were never released to the public, so it can’t be a copycat. Deb offers to help her look into this and, again, surprisingly, LaGuerta accepts it.

Deb goes straight to Dexter and tells her what is going on. Dexter says he will deal with it himself, but Deb is already involved. LaGuerta wants to call the list of the family’s victims that fit the profile. Three of them are Dexter’s. Only one has family in Miami. Phillip Barnes. A wedding photographer who would pick up a single girl in the wedding and take her back to a hotel and she was never seen again. 

But Dexter is more worried about why Louis was killed in his boat. He goes home to investigate but the blinds are open. It wasn’t him and Jaime is still in Orlando with Harrison. Someone is there, so he leaves himself a fake voicemail, confirming a meeting, along with the address to a bar. Isaac is there, he hears it, so he packs up and leaves as expected. At the bar, Isaac gets himself a table, and a waiter brings him the phone, saying he has a call. Smart, Dex. He asks Isaac why he was in his apartment, Isaac wanted to talk about Viktor. Says Louis was the one who told him about Dexter and so Dexter asks if he killed Louis and Isaac all but confirms it. He asks Isaac if the plan is to even the score by killing him and he says he wants anyone involved in Viktor’s death, including Dexter’s sister. Now Dexter is angry, he tells him he works alone.

Instantly after seeing Isaac, Dexter goes warn Deb about what is going on and with that he has to tell her he killed Viktor and she asks about the bartender that offed himself who is supposed to have killed Viktor. Deb is freaking out, he took the case from them and now she will have helped Dexter cover up three homicides. Back to the point, though, Dexter tells her he will take care of it, but she needs to stay safe. He gives her directions on how to do that but Deb wants something in return. She wants him to promise he will never take another case from the police department, that he will only act on those who slip through the cracks. He agrees.

He’s back out of the office and following Isaac again. He finds out Isaac isn’t just some hitman, but a big boss. Meanwhile, Batista calls him and tells him Hannah is going to talk, that he needs to get back. So he does. They are going through the items Wayne’s mom brought to the station and doing a timeline. They want to know what happened the week they were in Miami, where the bodies for those victims are.

Hannah seems nervous, they were all over the news by the time they got to Miami. They were hiding in hotels until they could get to a cruise ship to run away. They killed people in hotels so they could take their rooms, and buried the bodies near the hotels. She says he forced her to do this, that she wasn’t sure if she wasn’t digging her own grave. Batista goes warn the others about one of the locations she gave him and he and Dexter are alone. She picks up one of the items, a toy and Dex can tell she is nostalgic.

That night, Dexter is staying at a hotel to hide from Isaac, and doing research on him. And Deb is there too. They are going to (separate) beds and Deb says that was not how she pictured tonight. Creepy. They talk about a trip they took when they were kids and Deb says Dexter kept his eyes on her the whole time they were at the beach. He says he didn’t want her to drown. She tells him he was her hero.

Next morning they are trying to locate the bodies. Batista asks Dexter what he thinks about the bartender who supposedly killed Viktor. If he thinks he did it. Dexter quotes all the evidence that points that he did, but doesn’t answer him otherwise. Hannah walks up to Dexter, she talks about the first time Wayne killed someone, how she had never seen so much blood before. He tells her about the first crime scene he worked at. She says it looks like they are on a date, sharing their first sexual experiences. Awkward.

Meanwhile Deb is going to Phillip Barnes’ house to question his wife, and LaGuerta shows up, saying it was on her way. The wife isn’t home, Deb says she will be back later but the son offers to help. He hasn’t seen his dad since 2007 and he’s glad. The last time he saw him, he was working a wedding, and he has pictures from that night. Crap. And there is Dexter in one of them. Deb suggests taking the pictures back to the station, and LaGuerta agrees.

Back at the beach, they found the bodies of the couple Hannah said would be there. Dexter is analysing them and Hannah is watching him closely. He realizes the person who killed the woman would have been much smaller than Wayne. He doesn’t voice this but Hannah notices he stopped and goes to ask him why. He tells her what he saw conflicts with what she says happened. He tells her Wayne didn’t kill that woman. He knows she did it, but she doesn’t care. She has immunity from any crime committed with Wayne for helping them.

But Dexter has more important things to worry about, Isaac was there, watching him. And he follows Dexter right into a columbian neighborhood. The Columbians that want the Russians out so they can control the drug traffic in Miami. Dexter warns the man at the bar and vanishes into the bathroom, making his escape through the bathroom window just before Isaac walks in. As Dexter walks out, he hears guns being fired.

Back at the police station, Deb manages to hide the picture of Dexter from the wedding “who is saving whose ass now.” She’s awesome this season. Batista wants to talk to her about Viktor’s killer, but he gets a call from dispatch about a homicide at a Columbian hangout. He takes Dexter with him. When they get to the bar, Isaac’s body in nowhere to be found. He managed to take down all of the men at the bar and walk out.

At the strip club, Quinn is there with his girlfriend. And Isaac is getting stitched up by his bodyguard in the office. They notice Quinn there, they had an agreement with him when he was narcotics. Leave a bag of cash in his car and he looked the other way. When he gets to his car, there is his cash.

Isaac is brought in and he has a smug smirk on his face as Batista takes him to booking. He looks over at Dexter and smiles after saying “nice to meet you, Lieutenant Morgan” to Deb. This makes me nervous. After the arrest is done, Batista wants to talk to Deb about the bartender again. He doesn’t think he killed Viktor. He tells her it makes no sense, that according to everyone all he talked about was his wife and kids. Deb gives them the lieutenant speech. That a year ago she might have agreed with him but she has learned that sometimes you need to know when to back down. Batista argues that this isn’t just investigation, that it’s about Mike. “Mike’s killer is dead, Mike got justice.” Batista is pissed. Don’t blame him, but hopefully he will listen.

In prison, Isaac has a visitor. Dexter wants to know why it was so important for Isaac to kill him. He says he liked Viktor. Dexter says he killed Mike. Isaac says if Dexter killed Viktor for revenge, then he understand why. So now he goes to prison for a long time, does that mean this is over? Isaac snorts. Apparently not. He tells Dexter about a great uncle, a war hero. When he returned home from the war, some fat little party official resented him for being popular, so took away his house. He protested, and was hung. Years later, Isaac’s dad returned to Kiev and found the fat little party official, then he enjoyed killing him. So no, it’s not over. The only problem is that Dexter is not some fat little man. Isaac says that’s true, he doesn’t know who Dexter is. Dexter says if he ever finds out, he will regret is. I love it when Dexter is all intense and scary.

Deb shows up at Dexter’s that night, shows him the picture she took from LaGuerta. She saved him. She doesn’t want to be involved in that part of his life, and he doesn’t want her to be, but she knows he’s not going to stop but she doesn’t want to know about it. She is upset about having to lie to Batista. He asks if she thinks the investigation is closed. No. She brings up their vacation again, how she was always running after him and could never catch him. He was always just out of reach. Maybe they are learning it’s better that way.

She asks him if he got the blood results back on the bodies that Hannah helped them dig up. Asks if there is anything she should know. Nope. He gives her a meaningful look but I don’t think she noticed. Guess the system can’t touch Hannah but Dex is thinking maybe he can.

He burns the picture she gave him of him at the wedding, and he is back to acting alone.

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