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'Sons of Anarchy' Season Finale Recap: "J’ai Obtenu Cette"


It is the final episode of the season as Jax looks to tie up loose ends for SAMCRO, and rid himself of old problems. J’ai Obtenu Cette translates to “I got this,” and Jax pretty much got this and more in the show’s fifth season finale.

The episode actually starts with a Musical Montage of “To Sir, With Love” (which sounded like it was performed by Katey Sagal). We see where each character stands: Clay is all alone, Jax wakes up alone with Tara having left for work, and Nero awakens to an already missing Gemma. I find it amazing Jax had a good night sleep after what he did to Wendy. Congratulations, you are a scumbag.

Jax goes to meet Pope on his territory. Jax wonders if their chats will end once he gives up Tig, so much so that he wants a written deal guaranteeing that SAMCRO will get the contracts for the Charming Heights deal. Once he gets the written deal, Pope gets Tig.

Gemma tells Clay that she will leave with him, and that her bag is already packed. Clay seems happy, which means he is about to get royally screwed over. Okay, I know I am supposed to hate Clay for beating the crap out of Gemma……but I don’t hate him. In fact, I hate her. This is like the Twilight Zone.

Wendy visits Tara and tells her what Jax did to her. She also shows the gross injection site on her shoulder…ewww that looks infected! I have to say for someone on heroine she is functioning quite normally. Tara is seriously shocked and appalled that Jax did this. Wendy tells Tara to get out while she still can: take the boys and run! After a screaming bout, Tara yells back that she plans on leaving everything behind and getting her boys out of there.  

Nero and his crew meet up to… know what…I don’t care. No, seriously, I do NOT care. I did not sign up for Days of Our Gang Members….I am focused on a show about SAMCRO, not this new shit. I don’t care about Nero’s problems and all this blah blah blah. If there is more of this in season six, count me out. SAMCRO investigates the dog fights going on, and it is seriously funny how these men are offended by animal cruelty when they kill people every day. Tig loves him some dogs and holds a gun to a guy’s head to stop him from killing a dog. Spoiler alert: the dog makes it. But back to more of the Nero bullshit, that has no real meaning to me whatsoever…..although it was cool when he pushes the guy out the window and then the guy gets mauled by a dog he probably abused. Go dogs!

Tara tries to get the truth out about Wendy with Jax, but he doesn’t exactly say what he did. Yeah, because it was a supreme asshole move. Unser stops by and tells Jax all about the new U.S. Marshal threatening to go after Tara. Lee is watching the cops take Otto’s statement, when Otto decides, HEY I WILL JUST BITE OFF MY OWN TONGUE AND SPIT IT OUT ACROSS THE ROOM!!!! I am not nauseous at all!!! And the crazy ass motherfucker is laughing about it all!!! That was some serious dedication.

Gemma confronts Tara about her plans to leave Charming. She won’t let Tara leave with the boys. Listen, I want Tara to leave…and Gemma needs to have a seat. Gemma threatens Tara and warns her that she will go to the investigators and tell them that Tara asked for the cross so Otto could commit murder. She will lie and say that Tara told her the entire plan. She even punches Tara in the gut…..ok that part I liked. Tara does not care about Gemma’s threats and tells Gemma she is leaving.

Meanwhile, it appears Jax is giving up Tig. Say it ain’t so. Tig is shocked and betrayed as Jax pulls a gun on him and delivers him to Pope. Jax suggests to Pope that they kill Tig in the garage so that the sound does not travel. However, it is a SET UP!!!! Jax hid a gun in his bike, and goes back in and kills all of Pope’s men. He gives the gun to Tig, who then kills Pope…..with Clay’s gun!!!! So now Jax is setting up Clay for murder. I find this tacky, and slightly pathetic, but maybe it’s just me.  An anonymous call is put in to the station, and Roosevelt is told about the dead bodies. Roosevelt finds Pope dead, and Jax calls him with the location of the murder weapon.

Tara learns that she will not be charged, because Otto bit off his own tongue. Tara got what she wanted for Christmas!! She also signs the living will, granting Wendy custody, but she needs Jax’s signature for the will to be legitimate.

Clay is packing up his stuff with Juice, when he tells Juice that he knows he was the one who found the evidence that he was working with the Nomads. He says that he forgives him, that he loves him, and that he will miss him the most. Juice tries to warn Clay to get out of there, but it is too late, as the police have arrived. Roosevelt asks for Clay’s alibi, and says Gemma can back up his story that he was in his home all day. Gemma lies to the police and says that Clay left for a few hours, took his gun, and said he had some business to handle. She had no idea he went to kill someone. What a fucking bitch. I get she wants revenge, but I find this to be such a punk move on her and her son’s part. UGHHH. Clay is heartbroken and a bit shocked that he has officially lost everything… And he might also lose his life because Pope’s men now have a bounty on his head.

Jax is proud of Juice. I’m just nauseous, especially since Jax will probably always mistrust Juice and hang him out to dry if he has the chance. Bobby confronts Jax about how he has framed Clay. He wishes he could have been different, and not like Clay. Jax finally admits that he and Clay are a lot alike. It only took him five seasons to acknowledge this.

Nero and Gemma are canoodling. He tells her he cannot give her everything she needs, and things will be messy. She knows what messy is and she is down for it. Yep, I still want to puke. This is not love, this is Gemma clinging onto the next available crime lord dick she can find. I am kind of sick of her bullshit too. Congrats Kurt Sutter, I hate every character on this show now.

Jax shows up and tells Nero that he should buy a farm for his son, and get out of this life while he still can. Nero agrees to walk away, if Jax walks away. Jax is clearly not going to be leaving the business any time soon, but the morose son of a bitch really should at this point. Gemma has eavesdropped on this entire conversation by the way, and her obsession with being in her son’s life continues.

Jax comes home to the paperwork Tara has left out for him to sign. He wants to know why the paperwork makes Wendy the children’s legal guardian. She calls him out on attacking Wendy, and how he went too far. She has taken the job in Oregon, and if he loves her he will come too. She is afraid that if they stay they will become Clay and Gemma 2.0. Well too late.

Roosevelt stops by and interrupts the couple before Jax can respond to Tara’s ultimatum. Roosevelt has a warrant to arrest Tara for conspiracy to commit murder. Tara is shocked; Jax is shocked; and holy shit the bitch is really going to jail. CUE THE MUSICAL MONTAGE!!!

As “Sympathy for the Devil” plays, we see Bobby cutting off his VP patch. Looks like Bobby is done giving Jax advice. I am happy Bobby has done this. The guy gives Jax advice, which Jax always ignores, and there was always a lack of respect. Bobby respected Jax until he became the man he hated most. Clay is on his way to jail and is one step closer to death. Nero is…Who really cares? Tig is playing with the dog he rescued…awwwwww. Tara is off to jail with Clay, as Gemma watches her sit in the back of a squad car. Did Gemma pull the trigger on her threat? Was she the one who told the cops everything that got Tara arrested? Looks like it!! Jax is sitting with Abel and the torn up paperwork that Tara left him. Most husbands would call a lawyer for their wife, not tear up the paperwork. Is Jax going to let Tara do time in jail because she has threatened to take away his family? The finale ends with Gemma putting her hand on Jax’s shoulder, mirroring last season’s finale of Tara doing the same behind Jax. If would appear Gemma has regained her status as the Old Lady, telling her son everything will be alright.

So. Yeah. There you have it. I am kinda bummed. I am disappointed in the complete destruction of Jax as a character. Was I pleased he saved Tig? Yes, but that does not make me like Jax again. He is worse than Clay. Clay never had a conscious, whereas Jax proclaimed he was a “good guy.” Am I happy Tara is going to jail? Yes! ….But I hated the way it went down. I don’t like Gemma’s power trips, and her moves to basically be the only woman in her son’s life. It’s gross, it’s Freudian, it’s Hamlet with leather and grease stains. The club is not in any better a place. While they are headed in the right direction, they are still a shell of what they once were. Regardless, I cannot wait until next season to see what happens with Jax and Tara, and the rest of the gang. It’s been a fun season with you all, leave some comments, and come back next season!!

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