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'Homeland' Season Finale Review: "The Choice"


We’re leading up to the final drop on the roller coaster of emotions that has been Homeland this season. On the last episode, Nazir was gone, Brody broke up with Jess and he and Carrie slept together again while Estes sent Quinn to kill him.

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So, this episode, like the season, started slow. Carrie and Brody were playing house in her cabin in the woods and Quinn was watching them from across the lake, waiting for Brody to be alone so he could kill him. But he decided against it, instead, awesome Quinn showed up at Estes, told him he only killed bad guys, that Brody wasn’t one of them but that if Estes decided to have him killed still, he would him him. Because then Estes would be a bad guy. Besides, he didn’t want to break Carrie and he would if he killed Brody, he also said that Carrie is the best intelligence agent he’s ever met. Quinn was just amazing this whole scene and I love him and I want him and Carrie together forever and ever! *Ahem*

Anyway, Carrie told Brody she had to think about them because she couldn’t be with him and be in the CIA again. He told her they could really happen and she believed him, because as Saul put it “she’s the smartest and dumbest person” ever. I don’t care that the entire cast of the show, including the resident terrorist, seem to think that Brody is oh, so in love with Carrie. I don’t buy it. She obviously is stupidly in love with him, but his feelings for her, I just don’t buy.

They get back to the real world and get ready to go to Walden’s memorial service, which is being held at the CIA. On her way in, Carrie gets offered a job back (yay!) and Saul proceeds to giving her shit about possibly choosing Brody over the CIA, because Saul is awesome like that. He also tells her he is leaving to oversee Nazir’s body off, which I call bullshit for paying respect to a guy who wanted to blow up half your country, but whatever.

Memorial service is happening, everyone is there, Estes is talking and Carrie and Brody run off to make out and she tells him she chooses him. And then he notices his car is parked next to the building and not where he parked and then BOOM. Bomb goes off right by where the memorial service is being held. I seriously did not see this coming (I refuse to be spoiled for shows that are actually quality because I want to be surprised when stuff like this happens), but I was gasping and yelling when it did. Things like this is why I love this show, they aren’t afraid of going through with stuff.

At first, Carrie blames Brody (yay!) but then she decides it’s not his fault (boo!) and decide they are running. She has a ton of money, fake IDs and everything else hidden, has a way to get to Canada and a whole escape plan. So she takes Brody with her, they stop to get him a fake ID too and see that his suicide bomber tape is on TV, another thing that shocked me and another reason to love this show.

Meanwhile, the CIA is searching Brody’s home and then Jess, Dana, Mike and Chris all the the tape on TV too. Mike says to turn it off, but Jess wants them all to watch this. Both because her kids aren’t traumatized enough as is and because him being a terrorist totally justifies her cheating on him over and over again (actually the second part is kinda not ironic).

Back at the CIA, Saul is getting back from the Nazir thing and is getting information on the explosion. Cynthia and Finn are dead. And so is Estes (double yay!). He looks at the list for Carrie’s name and can’t find it. The woman says she and Brody were both there, so they are assumed dead and Saul looks incredibly upset. Poor Saul. He also gets a call from his ex-wife and she tells him she’s coming home to be with him. Also, he’s supposed to debrief the president because he’s the highest ranking there. Go Saul!

Carrie and Brody are almost at the Canadian border and she stops, telling him it’s safer to cross on foot through the woods. He asks if she’s not coming, she says she can’t (massive yay!!!), that she needs to stay and clear his name (boo again). They do some creepy romantic stuff a la Romeo and Juliet (she should have stayed with DiCaprio if she was gonna end up here anyway, honestly), and she leaves.

It’s next morning and Saul is still at the CIA, he’s standing in a room filled with covered bodies and the image is actually pretty sickening. He’s praying for them when Carrie calls his name a couple of times. He turns to look at her and he gets this sweet, fatherly, hopeful smile on his face and that is just adorable.

And then it’s over. For a whole year. I’m so happy with how it ended (Carrie’s promise to help Brody aside), I’m glad they are going to be pretty much back to the beginning with Saul and Carrie working together and trying to catch whoever took over for Nazir, but I’m so sad we have to wait almost a whole year before next season!

This show, it deserves all the awards it’s been getting and then some. Love it and can’t wait for more! 

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