’The Bay’ Brings More Bayhem With Episode Three

The #Bayhem escalates with an all new episode of the Emmy-winning The Bay today, Thursday, December 3rd. It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions when tempers flare, threats are made, and an all too harsh reality crashes down.

Decisions await Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) when a surprise visitor plays the devil’s advocate. Pete Garrett (Kristos Andrews), Will Campbell (Derrell Whitt), Lianna Ramos (Jade Harlow), and Vivian Johnson (Karrueche Tran) face an unexpected and awkward situation. Avery Garrett (Alicia Leigh Willis) is caught off-guard by her impetuous brother Daniel Garrett (Eric Nelsen) while a recovering Damian (Erik Fellows) stuns his father John Blackwell (Ronn Moss). Matthew Johnson (Thor Knai) tips the scales with Steve Jensen (Matthew Ashford) before Rocco (Sammy Black) offers a questionable solution. Big Candi (Kym Whitley) deals with Reya (Sarah Tirado) as loony Lola (Patsy Pease) taunts the prize. Haunted by memories of the vile Chase Walker (Brian Gaskill), Janice Ramos (Lilly Melgar) takes a dark turn.

The Bay is written and directed by Gregori J. Martin. You can view episode three on The Bay’s official website at: www.thebaytheseries.com

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