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Michele Curran is the newest addition to the TV Source Magazine team! She’s a New Yorker with passionate TV opinion, loves soaps, music, attending broadway and being a masochist for sports. Oh, and she’s #TeamCap. Follow her on Twitter @MimiC1019.

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Batwoman TV Series in Development at The CW

The CW is developing a new series based on the DC Comics superhero series Batwoman to join the acclaimed Arrow-verse in 2019.

Interview: Ladies of the Lake: Return to Avalon Executive Producer Michael Caruso

Ladies of the Lake, the series based on the novel by Days of our Lives owner/executive producer Ken Corday, debuted on Amazon Prime in May of 2017. The first season went on to receive 18 Indie Series Awards Nominations with Wins for Best Guest Actress (Arianne Zucker), Best Guest Actor (Ian Buchanan), and Best Lead […]

Krypton Recap: Season One Finale – “The Phantom Zone”

Thankfully, Syfy blessed us with a Season 2 pick up for Krypton before airing the season finale, so no need to panic over resolution of that giant cliffhanger! I’ve said numerous times that the storytelling on Krypton has been innovative, intriguing, and gutsy. Throughout the first season, the twists and turns that have been placed […]

Krypton Recap: Season 1 Episode 9 “Hope”

OH. MY.GOD. I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll begin with Adam. He’s not on this week. But holy kryptonite, everything else. Let’s dive into my Krypton recap for “Hope”.

Riverdale Recap: “Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World”

Well Riverdale fans, the season finale is upon us and now we have a, dare I say, welcome breath of air in between seasons. When Riverdale is great, it’s great. When it’s not, it’s really not. The storytelling hasn’t been as good this season as last and personally I believe having the 22 episode order […]

Riverdale Recap: “Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgement Night”

The penultimate episode of Riverdale  is upon us and every storyline, good or bad this season, came to a head. The true identity of the Black Hood is revealed, Hiram’s machinations may have finally lost him the support of his wife and daughter, and the Northside/Southside tension simmers to a boil ending in a Serpents/Ghoulies […]

Krypton Recap – Season 1 Episode 8 – “Savage Night”

“Whatever you think your mission is, it’s over”- Kem. Kem’s words to Adam in Savage Night perfectly describe the entire back half of the season. Everytime you think you know what’s going on and everyone’s motives, things get turned on their head. Many truths were revealed tonight concerning Black Zero, Dru Zod, and Adam Strange with […]

Krypton Spoilers: “Savage Night” Photos

Syfy has released preview images of the May 9, 2018 episode of Krypton, titled “Savage Night” and a one sentence preview. Check out the Krypton photos and preview inside.

Riverdale Recap: “Chapter Thirty-Three: Shadow of a Doubt”

As we’re winding down to the final two episodes of Riverdale’s sophomore season, the war between the North and South side is heating up and Betty thinks she’s discovered the identity of the Black Hood.

Krypton Recap – Season 1 Episode 7 – “Transformation”

I feel like a broken record saying the same thing every week, but this week’s episode of Krypton delivered once again. As we push towards the end of the season with only 3 episodes left, you can feel the story anxiously running towards the finish line, and it is exhilarating.

Krypton Spoilers: “Transformation” Photos

Syfy has released preview images of the May 2, 2018 episode of Krypton, titled “Transformation” and a one sentence preview. Check out the Krypton photos and preview inside.

Krypton Photos: Additional Stills from “Civil Wars”

Syfy has released additional images from the April 25, 2018 episode of Krypton, titled “Civil Wars”. Check out the Krypton photos and preview inside.