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Luke’s Former Crush Returns on ‘ATWT’


Departures, Returns and Debuts on OLTL

Will the return of an old crush threaten Luke’s relationship with Noah? Noah (Jake Silberman) better watch out, there just may be some competition coming your way. Karl Girolamo, who played Kevin Davis from December 2005 through September 2006, is returning to As the World Turns. Before you get too excited though, his stint in Oakdale will be a short one.

Luke Snyder (Van Hansis) and Kevin were best friends, a friendship that his parents didn’t really approve of.  Over the course of 2006, Luke struggled with his sexuality and growing feelings for Kevin. Luke’s father Holden (Jon Hensley) had his own suspicions of Luke’s sexuality and didn’t want Luke hanging around Kevin. Luke pretended to be in a relationship with Jade (Elena Goode) before eventually coming out to his friend Will Munson (Jesse Soffer), who convinced Luke to come out to his family.

In August 2006, while on a trip at Raven Lake, Luke came out to Kevin who was surprised at this news. Kevin didn’t embrace Luke, instead hurling insults at Luke, even outing him to all of their friends. Later, Kevin almost drowns and Luke saves his life by giving him CPR. At the hospital, Kevin thanked Luke, apologizing for the cruel way he treated his supposed best friend. However, Kevin couldn’t get over the fact that his best friend was gay and the friendship was never the same again. After disappearing on-screen for months, Kevin put in his last appearance at the Oakdale High Prom.

Soon after the prom, Noah Mayer came to town and made Luke think to himself, Kevin who? Luke and Noah have had a relationship although it certainly has had its ups and downs. Even though Kevin is only coming back for a short stint, what impact, if any will this have on their relationship? Although Girolamo is only taping a few episodes, it is not known yet exactly how many or over what length of time it will be. Kevin’s return could be the jolt that Luke and Noah’s relationship needs.

Kevin will begin airing on October 13th.

TVSource Magazine would also like to extend congratulations to Girolamo, who recently graduated from college.

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Departures, Returns and Debuts on OLTL

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