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GH Spoilers: Week of January 12

Patrick fears Robin may be suffering from PPD; Jason makes a huge sacrifice to save Spinelli

Denying the Obvious

Patrick becomes more concerned about Robin when she refuses to believe she may be suffering from Post Partum Depression. She believes their problems will be solved if they move into a larger place to live. Patrick’s concern begins to grow as the family moves into a new house, he is worried about Robin’s mental stability. Elizabeth offers to help Robin and Patrick move into their new home. When Emma gets fussy and begins to cry, Robin bolts from the house, leaving Emma with Elizabeth. She goes to see Jason to ask him about Carly’s battle with Post Partum Depression. Patrick makes a shocking discovery. Patrick worried about Robin, he suggests to her to make an appointment to see Lainey, Robin is offended at the idea and denies there is anything wrong with her. An unsettled Patrick re-lives the events leading up to the tragedy that has struck the hospital.

Mob War Escalates

Jason encounters Sonny and Claudia as they watch the aftermath of the explosion of Sonny’s shipment. Jason warns Sonny he would retaliate if Sonny pushed ahead with moving shipments through Jason’s territory. Claudia fuels the fire between Sonny and Jason, knowing she will have the advantage if the two go to war over territory. Maxie calls Jason and informs him the FBI has Spinelli at the PCPD and are asking questions. Jason goes to the PCPD and Agent Raynor offers Jason a deal to help out Spinelli. Rayner’s offer will drop the charges against Spinelli, but Jason must go undercover to take down Sonny and Anthony. Jason makes a decision as he watches Spinelli about to be shipped off to Federal Prison. He calls Carly to set up a meeting with Sonny. Carly refuses to help Jason and chooses to spend her night with Jax.

Claudia encourages Sonny to make his move on Jason. Sonny and Jason play cat and mouse and a mob war is inevitable. Torn over being an informant for the FBI, Jason calls Bernie to get all the information Anthony he can find. Agent Rayner informs Jason the FBI needs his help to track down information on a domestic terrorist group that uses biotoxins. Spinelli tells Sonny about his encounter with the Feds and how all the charges were dropped when Jason met with Agent Rayner. Sonny confronts Jason about working with the FBI. Jason and Sonny meet and are honest about their intentions. Both come to terms with each other and will try to stay out of each other’s way. Jason asks Sonny to make a clean break from Anthony, but Sonny refuses, he wants to finish what he started. Sam gets involved and tells Jason she is going after Anthony whether he likes it or not.

Elsewhere in Port Charles …

Carly and Jax decide to spend some time together to see where it leads. Nadine saves the day when her appeal sways the committee in her and Nikolas’ favor. Carly and Jax share a romantic evening together. After being released from jail, Maxie takes Spinelli home to her apartment. Claudia gets caught searching Sonny’s room for the incriminating DVD, her and Kate clash. Lulu goes to Carly when she can’t make the rent payment. Johnny lies to Lulu and tells her he got the job at the hospital, when really, he didn’t. Alexis supports Sam when she decides to become a private investigator, against Lucky’s wishes. Maxie promises Spinelli she would never get involved with a guy like Matt.

Can’t Miss …

Lucky and Elizabeth enjoy a day out with Cameron and Jake on Monday, January 12.

Jason makes a decision to save Spinelli from Federal Prison on Tuesday, January 13.

Claudia finds the incriminating DVD on Wednesday, January 14.

Natalia Livingston returns to GH as Rebecca on Thursday, January 15.

Nikolas confides in Alexis, he still is in love with Emily on Friday, January 16.

Coming Soon: Week of 1/19…

Claudia confronts her father about her suspicions. Olivia advises Sonny to stay away from Kate. Spinelli’s self esteem takes another hit. Sonny grows more suspicious of Claudia. Carly urges Sonny to make peace with Jason. Anthony questions Sam’s motives. Claudia seduces Ric to find out what he’s up to. Matt is persistent when he asks Maxie out on a date. Olivia gets involved when Nikolas stone walls Jax’s project for the hotel. Jason learns of Sam’s plans to infiltrate the Zacchara organization.

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