One on One With Natalia Livingston


One-on-One With Natalia Livingston

“General Hospital” star Natalia Livingston (Rebecca) talks her new character and possible love interests with


She debuted on General Hospital in 2003, replacing Amber Tamblyn as Emily Bowen Quartermaine and was shortly thereafter paired with Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine.) Natalia Livingston had huge shoes to fill when she took over the part, but she quickly made the role her own and amassed a loyal fan base who have supported her through her tenure. In 2008, she departed to pursue other interests but returned in early 2009 as Rebecca Shaw.

TVSource Magazine had the chance to chat with the Emmy winning actress to talk about her new role and her return to General Hospital.

TVSource Magazine: How does it feel being back on General Hospital?

Natalia Livingston: It feels WONDERFUL to be back!!! I love it! GH has the best people, both cast and crew in my opinion.

TVS: When you were on our radio show, In The Zone Radio, you mentioned [head writer] Bob Guza had a character in mind for you, to bring you back, was ‘Rebecca’ that character he talked about?

NL: Yes, I believe it was. At that point, I don’t think that Rebecca had a name but it was definitely the storyline that he pitched to me. It has changed a little from what I remember but basically the same idea.

TVS: Do you know if the plans are to pair you again with Tyler [Christopher]? Or is there someone new in store for Rebecca?

NL: I do have quite a few scenes with Tyler coming up. But honestly, I do not know for sure. The writers told me it could go any way and nothing will be as expected or as I had maybe thought. Rebecca is a whole new character so she could be paired with anyone or if they do pair her with Tyler it will be different and unique and hopefully something fans will fall in love with all over again.

TVS: Do you think it’s going to be hard for fans to accept you now as Rebecca and not as Emily?

NL: I hope not. I really think the writers are doing a great job at writing her differently from Emily and that of course is so important. I think I have to trust that Rebecca will be in completely different situations than Emily and that she will do things Emily would NEVER do. I have to trust that the story will help to make her different along with what I can bring to a new character. Of course, I look just like Emily but I think little by little people will see the differences and get to know a completely different character. I have really been enjoying the challenge and have gotten feedback from some really supportive and wonderful fans who love Rebecca and see it as fun, edgy and new — and that means a lot! There are so many possibilities with her!

TVS: What if any backstory were you given for Rebecca?

NL: I was given that she is new in Port Charles and will be an x-ray tech!!! [laughing] That’s it.

TVS: Did Sarah Brown returning as Claudia, pave the way for you returning as Rebecca?

NL: I think probably so. I think Sarah is doing an amazing job. Now when I look at her in scenes, I only see Claudia. I don’t see Carly anymore. But I think it takes a little while with any actor.

TVS: Do you find Rebecca a more challenging character than Emily?

NL: YES!! for sure :) mainly because she is so different from me. My general manner or temperament is more similar to Emily. I am really trying to make Rebecca my own though, and finding those parts within myself that we have in common!! They are definitely there!! It has been challenging and fun to find them.

TVS: What if any ideas do you have for Rebecca, storyline wise?

NL: I think a love triangle of some sort would be great of course. Maybe Sonny & Rebecca, Nikolas or Lucky or Jax or Johnny or heck ANYONE!!! SHE IS A NEW CHARACTER! That’s the fun of it!! lol …..I’d like to see her remain tough and edgy. I hope she is not softened too much. Though I think it is important to show a softer side to make her more human. I just want her to be a complex character that we enjoy and love. That is my wish.

TVS: While away for the short time from GH, you’ve kept yourself busy with short films and movies. When and where will fans be able to see you in those projects?

NL: Honestly, I’m not sure yet. Probably sometime this summer. I will keep you posted. Thank you for asking.

TVS: Have you re-signed a long term deal with GH, or is Rebecca only here for short term?

NL: She’ll be around for a while.

So what does the future have in store for Rebecca? Over the next couple of weeks, Rebecca continues to interact heavily with Nikolas and Lucky (Greg Vaughan). Nikolas isn’t the only one who notices the interaction between Lucky and Rebecca. What will Helena’s return, if any, have on Rebecca’s presence? Could Rebecca really be Emily? You’ll have to stay tuned and see.

Who do you want Rebecca paired with? What story would you craft if you were the head writer? Send your suggestions and comments to: to be included in our upcoming article.

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