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OLTL Previews: Week of May 11


OLTL Spoilers: Week of May 11

Dorian has her hands full on prom night.

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Dorian confronts Langston about her plans to make love with Markko, but after Langston expresses her feelings in a mature fashion, Dorian admits that Langston is behaving responsibly. Dorian presents Langston with condoms. Meanwhile, Markko is trying to take care of that little piece of business himself at a drug store, but runs into a friend of his mother’s. Cole, on his way to rescue Markko from that jam, comes face-to-face with a wheelchair bound Matthew, and his guilt overwhelms him, but he resists the urge to get high. Dorian gives Markko “the talk” and Lola plans to ruin Langston’s and Markko’s big night. At the prom, Langston is thrilled to see Cole and Starr. The young parents decided to try to forget their worries about Hope’s exhumation. Lola is livid when she sees Langston and Markko and impulsively takes a hit of acid provided by her date, Asher. Asher is later arrested for dealing. Lola is tripping when she slips and confesses to Dorian and Ray that she tampered with Langston and Markko’s condoms, but then she confesses something even more shocking. Dorian is too late to stop Langston and Markko as the two teens make love for the first time. Rachel talks Matthew into going to the prom, where he and Destiny have a good time after they clear the air.

Cole and Starr go to the cemetery to await the answers they’ve been looking for.

Markko and Langston plan more than just to Busta Move at prom night. Lola tattles to Dorian.


Clint catches Bo and Nora embracing and he and Bo argue. Clint impulsively proposes to Nora, who questions his motives but ultimately accepts.

Powell prevents Jack from calling for help when he finds Todd, Tea and Blair unconscious, then leaves the little guy and his brother with Rebecca as he moves Todd, Tea, Blair and Marty to the fraternity house where Marty was raped. Powell torments the quad threatening to have one of the women kill Todd. Ever the trooper, Tea volunteers, but Powell chooses. Todd fears the worst as Tea and Blair are taken from the room. Marty has memories of the night she was raped. John is trapped in Powell’s cell, but tapping something he remembers from a book about Houdini, he escapes the straitjacket and soon sets out to rescue Marty.

Kyle is surprised to find his sister, Rebecca, at Todd’s. Rebecca begins formulating a plan when Kyle reveals that Jessica is raising Todd’s granddaughter as her own.

Jessica and Brody steal some romantic time for themselves, but Jessica is troubled by more memories of “Chloe’s” birth.


Stacy does the hootchie kootchie at Jared’s bachelor party. Kyle makes a thinly veiled threat to Natalie, and she promises to “show him the money”. Jared and Natalie learn Hope’s body is being exhumed and fear their wedding plans will be disrupted, so they take off and get married, before the proverbial youknowwhat hits the fan.


Clint finds Bo and Nora too close for comfort and Dorian and Langston discuss birth control on Monday, May 11.

Stacey dances at Jared’s bachelor party, Kyle threatens Natalie, and Jessica has a memory flash on Tuesday, May 12.

Prom night and the Pussycat Dolls perform. Jared and Natalie elope, and Jessica and Brody have some one-on-one on Wednesday, May 13.

Marcie, Cole and Starr, converge at the cemetery, Powell torments his hostages, and John escapes on Thursday, May 14.

Kyle and sis, Rebecca, come face to face and Lola makes a couple of shocking confessions on Friday, May 15.

COMING SOON: Week of 5/18

Marty’s amnesia is forgotten and she attempts to outwit Powell. Jared and Natalie confess everything to their parents. Chloe is missing and Bess returns! Fearing the end is near, Tea confesses a deep dark secret to Blair. Memories intact, Marty and Cole share an emotional reunion. Kyle messes with Stacy.

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