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GH Spoilers: Week of August 3

Jerry wants Michael to use as leverage against Jason.

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Claudia insists to Johnny, she will be able to make things work with Sonny, while Sonny contemplates what he is going to do about his relationship with Claudia. Sonny admits to Claudia he is struggling with his feelings about her because of her possible involvement in Michaell’s shooting. Claudia insists she innocent regarding Michael’s shooting and is hoping she and Sonny can come together over their grief of their child. Sonny tells Claudia he wants her to come home with him when she is released from the hospital. Sonny decides to take it one day at a time with his relationship with Claudia.

Alexis is arrested for Brianna Hughes’ murder, but Robin is convinced Alexis didn’t do it. Robin is determined to find who really did kill Brianna. When Robin discovers the murderer was right handed, she hopes it can be enough to clear a left handed Alexis of murder. After finding that piece of evidence, it makes Robin even more determined to clear Alexis of all the charges.


While looking for Michael and Kristina, Jason and Sam fall back into their comfortable and familiar pattern. As Michael and Kristina make their way to Mexico, Kristina is still overwhelmed with guilt. Claudia learns of Jerry’s intentions for Michael, to use him as leverage against Jason. Jerry spies on Michael and Kristina as they reach the border of Mexico. Johnny overhears Claudia on the phone with Jerry. Sam is closer to finding Michael and Kristina once they arrive in Mexico, but Jerry is one step ahead of her. Michael and Kristina find themselves in trouble once in Mexico and Jerry comes to their rescue. Jerry tries to gain Michael’s trust to get to Jason, as Sam closes in on their location.


Dominic is shocked when he walks into Olivia’s apartment and finds his mother with Johnny in a compromising position. Both Olivia and Dominic are mortified at what he sees. Not wanting to reveal Dominic is her son, Olivia pretends not to know him in front of Johnny. While arguing about her relationship with Johnny, Dominic reveals his true agenda.


Edward forbids Nikolas from staying the night at the mansion with Rebecca. Liz and Nikolas share shots of tequila at Jake’s. Rebecca tells Ethan she wants to be with Nikolas to keep him away from her. Spinelli asks Mac for Maxie’s hand in marriage. Lulu cannot help but be taken by Dominic’s charm. Keifer doesn’t like it when Molly tells him what he doesn’t want to hear. Jax supports Carly’s decision to have Michael move back in with them.


Lulu gets the upper hand on a flirtatious Dominic on Monday, August 3.

Alexis is arrested for the murder of Brianna Hughes on Tuesday, August 4.

Olivia and Dominic are both mortified when he walks in on her and Johnny in a compromising position on Wednesday, August 5.

Michael and Kristina find themselves in jeopardy on Thursday, August 6.

Keifer overreacts when Molly doesn’t tell him what he wants to hear on Friday, August 7.

COMING SOON: Week of 8/10

Sam falls into Jerry’s clutches. Michael and Kristina realize what’s really going on. Maxie rebels against Mac trying to run her life. Jason and Jerry play a deadly game of cat and mouse. Mac discovers Dominic’s secret. Michael won’t go down without a fight. Olivia denies Kate’s accusation that she’s pining away for Sonny. Ethan reveals his true agenda to Lucky. Jerry leaves Jason in dire straits. Dominic refuses to abandon his mission. Johnny sees Olivia and Dominic together. Lucky shares his dilemma with Elizabeth. Robin’s on a quest catch a killer. Nikolas is devastated to learn the truth about Rebecca. Dominic rescues Morgan from a menacing Kiefer. Olivia goes behind Dominic’s back. Sam finds Jason in the nick of time.

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