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AMC Previews: Week of January 11


AMC Spoilers: Week of January 11

After suffering a heart attack, Adam tries to make peace with his family.

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Just Another Day At The Chandler Mansion

The judge rules that Ryan and Annie will share custody of Emma. Ryan’s a wreck when he drops Emma off at Adam’s, but someone’s there to comfort him later. Emma bonds with Colby immediately but still remains distant with Adam. Colby begins her quest for revenge on Annie. Colby warns Scott not to interfere with her plans for Annie. JR refuses to help Colby sabotage Annie and makes it clear that he’ll never reconcile with Adam. Adam suffers a heart attack. Adam tries to make peace with his family.

Dr. Jekyll Hayward

David continues to manipulate Amanda who feels guilty for having a fun night out with Jake. Jake’s not pleased to catch Amanda on the phone with David. Amanda begins researching the disease David claims to be dying of and fears Trevor could be suffering from it as well after discovering it could be hereditary. Angie takes DNA samples from Marissa and Trevor to see if they inherited the deadly disease.


Greenlee continues to think of Ryan. Randi can barely hide her bitterness when Erica hires Madison at Fusion. Madison walks in as Ryan and Erica share a kiss. Scott fantasizes about Annie. Liza is worried about Colby. Colby tells JR she thinks Annie tried to kill Adam. Things heat up between Tad and Liza.


Tad and Liza kiss on Monday, January 11.

Ryan decides to help Erica run Fusion on Tuesday, January 12

Marissa decides not to tell JR she might have the disease David has on Wednesday, January 13

Greenlee calls Ryan on Thursday, January 14

Jake and Angie are confounded by the results of Trevor and Marissa’s DNA Test on Friday, January 15

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