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OLTL Previews: Week of June 28


OLTL Previews: Week of June 28

Dani turns to Todd and confesses everything!

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Matthew tries to tell Dani that he ratted out Nate, but she blows him off. James agrees to give Bull the stolen car in payment for the money he stole, but on the way to deliver the car, Starr and James crash. James draws Starr into a passionate kiss. Bull takes Nate hostage. Dani turns to Todd for help and confesses everything. Todd vows to Dani he’ll do what is necessary to keep Nate safe, but when Bull calls and ups the ante for Nate’s release to $500,000, Todd develops a plan. Just as an armed Todd prepares to enter the cabana where Bull is holding Nate hostage, he is confronted by Kelly. Todd tries to blow her off, but Kelly continues to dog him about that kiss that she hasn’t been able to forget. When Todd is finally successful in ditching Kelly, he enters the cabana only to find it is empty. Bull sets up another meeting with Todd at a barn. James shows up and confesses to Bull he doesn’t have his money. Todd is surprised to find Starr at the barn. Dani hides in Todd’s SUV.

When the cops arrive to arrest Hannah, she convinces Cole they’re there for him because he jumped bail. After their escape is successful, Hannah confesses to Cole that she’s the real suspect. She also admits she set things up to look like Starr and James slept together and that she lied about seeing Todd push Marty. John arrests Hannah.


Natalie begins a new career and works with John to locate Hannah. Bo and Nora are surprised by what they find when they return from their honeymoon unexpectedly. Tea collapses. Bree makes Jessica and Brody uncomfortable when she announces she wants Brody to be her daddy. Blair admits she’s falling for Eli. Cris and Layla make a trip to Silver Spring. Rex helps Kelly investigate her mother’s murder.


Bull takes Nate hostage and Dani asks for Todd’s help on Monday, June 28.

Bree puts Jessica and Brody on the spot when she declares she wants him to be her daddy on Tuesday, June 29

Todd promises Dani he’ll make sure everything is alright on Wednesday, June 30

Bo and Nora return from their honeymoon on Thursday, July 1

Ford comes face to face with his attacker on Friday, July 2

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