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OLTL Previews: Week of July 19


OLTL Previews: Week of July 19

Natalie and Jessica both get an unexpected surprise!


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Jessica and Natalie continue to grow more ill, and Natalie insists they must seek medical help. At the emergency room, Natalie and Jessica are each informed that they are pregnant. The twins are both uncertain about who the father of their baby is, but they do no confide in one another. Jess explains her situation to Kelly, who confronts Ford. After his discussion with Kelly, Ford determines he must get tested for exposure to Hepatitis C. Natalie confides in Gigi, who tries to settle Natalie’s anxiety and out of control speculation that the baby is Brody’s. As Natalie is trying to tell John about her one-night-stand with Brody, she is interrupted by the news that Jessica is pregnant. John and Natalie toast Jessica and Brody, and afterwards, Natalie tells Gigi she wants an abortion. Layla and her mother argue about Evangeline’s condition, and afterwards Lisa burns Evangeline’s living will. Layla learns that her mother has always known about the living will and Evangeline’s wishes that no extraordinary measures be taken to keep her alive. Lisa leaves the decision about what to do up to Layla, and they agree that it’s best that Evangeline be removed from life support.


John and Brody bond. Viki and Charlie’s plan to reunite David and Dorian is exposed and they decide to abandon their scheme and they beat a hasty and romantic retreat to the Caribbean. Eli learns that Rex is investigating Bennett Thompson for Kelly. Eli follows Rex’s trail to Boston, where he drugs Rex’s room service. Langston and Starr catch up on the latest events in each other’s lives. Starr comforts Langston about Markko and when Langston questions her about James, Starr insists that she doesn’t have a relationship with James. David and Dorian are on a direct course for a confrontation.


Dorian walks in on David and Viki in bed on Monday, July 19.

Layla is faced with a tough decision, and Natalie and Jessica learn they are pregnant on Tuesday, July 20

Todd and Tea tell Dani they are getting married and later make love on Wednesday, July 21

Gigi acts as the voice of reason when Natalie’s hypothesizing about the father of her baby is out of control on Thursday, July 22

Natalie is on the verge of telling John about the one-night stand she shared with Brody when she’s interrupted by the news that Jessica told Brody she’s pregnant on Friday, July 23

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