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AMC Previews: Week of July 19


AMC Previews: Week of July 19

When Ryan suffers from an intense pain in his head, David does nothing to help him!


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JR comes to Annie’s rescue and she explains how Tucker treated her like she was trash. Scott jumps to the wrong conclusion when he sees Annie’s torn shirt. Marissa runs into Tucker and gets the real story of what happened. Colby sees JR and Annie kiss. Colby is shocked when she realizes the kiss between JR and Annie was real. JR continues to inisist he’s committed to his family and pleads with Colby not to tell anyone about what she saw. JR and Annie realize the only way they can be together is if she was his mistress. Annie feels horrible when she finds Emma crying to Scott over the fight between JR and Colby.


Ryan gets an upsetting call from Emma and his trip with Madison is cut short. Madison admits to Frankie that she’s falling in love with Ryan. Frankie’s upset with David for goading him and accidentally reveals Greenlee was in New York. Greenlee gives David a lame excuse when he asks about Ryan and her trip to New York. David warns Ryan he will fight for Greenlee no matter what. Ryan is hit with an intense pain in his head and falls to the ground. As Ryan lay helpless, David just stand there and makes no attempt to help him.


Scott proposes to Annie. Tad, Jake and Krystal prepare for Damon’s adoption party. Liza catches Damon taking money out of the register at Krystal’s bar. Liza spills to Tad that Damon kissed her. Amanda tells Jake about the pictures of Liza on Damon’s phone and they prepare themselves to tell Tad. JR and Caleb come to blow. Caleb prepares to leave town. Greenlee finds David standing over Ryan’s body. David insists that Angie treat Ryan. Bianca invites Caleb to live with her and the kids.


Tad asks Liza if she can see herself as Damon’s mother on Monday, July 19

Annie tells Scott she wants to get married on Tuesday, July 20

Damon forgets about his adoption party on Wednesday, July 21

Madison asks Greenlee to give Ryan a chance to move on, on Thursday, July 22

Angie’s vision starts to go while treating Ryan on Friday, July 23

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