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AMC Previews: Week of September 27


AMC Previews: Week of September 27

Annie and JR can’t resist the passion between them.

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Colby gives Annie an earful, but Annie doesn’t give in to her insults.  JR makes sure Scott breaks a promise to Annie. Annie’s claws come out when she accuses JR of ruining her party.  As JR tries to give Annie comfort, the two realize that the passion between them is still there. Scott walks in on Annie and JR in bed together.  Annie tries to explain, but Scott refuses to listen and kicks her out.  Annie thinks JR just wants her for sex. Caleb tells Marissa that she needs to get dirt on JR to make it look like he’s a bad parent. Caleb runs into Scott and insists he and JR should fight harder. Marissa gives JR the third degree on parenthood.

Before leaving the prison, Ryan tries to cheer up Greenlee.  Kendall gets a new assignment. Greenlee promises Kendall, she will tell Ryan how she feels once the drama is over.  Erica and Jackson return to Pine Valley. Greenlee apologizes to Jackson and asks for his forgiveness.  Jackson stands by his daughter and vows to prove her innocence. Greenlee wants to apologize to Erica, but Kendall doesn’t approve. Erica reprimands Kendall for getting involved in the Ryan and Greenlee mess.


Tad and Colby celebrate Damon on getting his GED. Liza offers Damon an assistant job at her law firm. Krystal gives Colby a warning regarding Asher.  Annie tells JR she thinks Erica might know about the stolen Palmer idea.  Ryan gives Madison a key to his apartment. Jesse is upset that he can’t relate to what Angie is going through. Krystal calls out Caleb out on his feelings regarding Erica’s return.


Madison admits to Liza she lied about what Greenlee said about David on Monday, October 4th

Colby begs Marissa not to put AJ through a custody battle on Tuesday, October 7th

Erica and Jackson plan their future on Wednesday, October 8th

Krystal confides in Opal on Thursday, October 9th

Jackson calls out Greenlee on her feelings for Ryan on Friday, October 10th


Ryan insists he be put on the stand. Caleb and Jackson reconcile. Madison helps Greenlee and Kendall. Opal is furious with Scott. JR tries to convince Marissa that Caleb is using her.

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