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AMC Previews: Week of May 30


David nearly stumbles upon the truth about “Erica”.


David tries to intimidate “Erica” into helping him get reinstated by bringing up the shooting, but Jane doesn’t get the reference. Jane’s confusion arouses David’s suspicions, which increase when he later catches her drinking and threatens to blackmail her with the secret. Jane agrees to sign whatever documents are necessary to get David’s license reinstated. When Jackson says there would be no way “Erica” would sign anything for David, Jane begins to worry about the consequences. Jackson and Opal discuss that “Erica” is behaving strangely. Per Jackson’s advice, Jane signs a business deal with Caleb without fully understanding the agreement. Jane has an allergic reaction to Erica’s favorite meal, and David notices she has medication labeled for Jane Campbell.

Griffin believes Tad is good for Cara, and Tad admits he would love for more to develop between them, but refuses to be more aggressive. Frankie covers up the injury to Griffin’s hand to Kendall and Cara. Bianca warns her sister not to obsess over Ricky. Tad succeeds in persuading McKenzie’s father to drop his complaint so that Cara can be reinstated. Jake and Cara discuss the difficulties they may face working with one another. Amanda worries if she’s right about Jake and Cara or just being paranoid. Cara persuades Kendall to try and talk Griffin out of leaving Pine Valley. Jesse tells Jake he thinks real feelings are developing between Tad and Cara, but Jake and Cara continue to feel the pull toward one another. Tad encourages Kendall to follow through on her feelings for Griffin.


Ryan want to remarry Greenlee at City Hall, but she doesn’t believe the timing is right. Madison and Ryan bury their daughter. Scott offers to move out if that is what Madison wants. Madison takes Scott to her daughter’s grave so he can say his goodbyes, but tells him things will never be the same between them. Madison refuses to lean on Ryan and Scott. Marissa and Bianca share what could be interpreted as a romantic moment. Krystal and Caleb appear to grow closer.


Monday, May 30, (Encore episode) (original airdate 10/17/08)–Tornadoes strike Pine Valley. Zach is trapped in a car, Adam and Erica are trapped together, Aidan sees Ryan and Greenlee in each other’s arms, Zach discovers Bianca in the rubble and Babe is mortally wounded.

Tad’s feelings for Cara are growing stronger. Griffin tells Tad he is good for his sister and questions what he plans to do about it on Tuesday, May 31.

Madison and Ryan bury their daughter while Greenlee and Scott are feeling the effects of this tragedy as well on Wednesday, June 1.

Marissa and Bianca share a moment which could be interpreted as romantic on Thursday, June 2.

Jake is feeling guilty when Amanda takes him to a picnic in the park to celebrate the anniversary of their first proposal. Jake recites his vows and kisses her passionately on Friday, June 3.


David comes closer to discovering Jane is an imposter, while Erica makes headway with Jane’s henchman. Bianca admits she’s fallen in love with Marissa. Griffin is angry that Cara almost slept with Jake.

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