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GH Previews: Week of June 6


Kristina and Lulu demonstrate they’ve got a lot in common with their fathers.

Like Father, Like Daughter

An upset Ethan confides in an eager Kristina about Luke’s disappearance from rehab. Ethan decides to seek out Maya, but he gets an eyeful instead. Elsewhere, Lulu erupts at Lucky, throwing all the 12-step jargon in his face – and she starts drinking herself. Lucky decides he needs to track down Luke. Siobhan joins Lucky in his search as Dante comforts a broken Lulu at the Haunted Star. Devastated by Maya’s tryst, Ethan returns home with designs to get a quickie divorce in the Dominican Republic.

Dante and Lulu make love, and Lulu gets some perspective into her father’s addiction as she struggles with her own codependency. Lucky realizes where Luke has gone – the whorehouse he and Bobbie grew up in. Lucky and Siobhan take off to find Luke. A hungover Ethan balks when a headstrong Kristina settles in next to him on the plane, announcing she is going to the Dominican Republic with him as a witness to his divorce. Krissy and Ethan are forced to share a room as Alexis and Sonny jump to conclusions when Molly tells them about her sister’s trip. Lulu gets testy with Jason over Luke, but Maxie sympathizes with Jason. At the old family bordello, Lucky confronts Luke. Meanwhile, Maxie tries to help Lulu see reason.


Brenda leans on Sonny to turn the business over to Jason, but Sonny explains it won’t work. Jax vows to use Shawn’s volatile behavior against Carly. Shawn comes clean to Carly about his past. Jason gets called to investigate a shipment that has been blown up by Anthony. Sonny and Brenda make love. Sam tells Jason that quitting the mob will not bring Jake back. Anthony sets his sights on employing Abby. Elizabeth’s grief resurfaces when she sees Robin and Patrick with Emma.

Robin and Patrick make efforts to safeguard their lives. Spinelli once again daydreams of being a gumshoe. The proud trip of parents Sonny, Carly and Alexis make plans to celebrate Michael and Kristina’s high school graduation. Abby admits she is considering Anthony’s job offer. Michael discovers he was accepted to PCU, without ever having applied. Elizabeth crumbles when she realizes she is behaving irrationally. Johnny lies to Patrick and Robin and Anthony goads Lisa into vowing vengeance.


Ethan finds Maya in bed with another man on Monday, June 6th.

Jason and Sam discuss whether he should leave the mob in light of the two of them possibly having children together on Tuesday, June 7th.

Left high and dry by Lulu, Matt helps Maxie out at Crimson on Wednesday, June 8th.

Steve and Olivia pack up Jake’s things only to end up on the wrong side of a fit of rage from Elizabeth on Thursday, June 9th.

Alexis and Sonny fly down to the Domincan Republic hoping to stop Kristina from marrying Ethan on Friday, June 10th.


Ethan lets Sonny know in no uncertain terms that he will see Kristina regardless of Sonny’s permission. Kristina cops to applying to PCU for Michael. Brenda and Diane spar over the idea of Sonny adopting Alec. Lucky sets fire to the Spencer home with Siobhan inside. Elizabeth makes a potentially fatal error in the operating room. Robin and Sam discuss running a pregnancy test.

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