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Will Jane’s subterfuge come to light?


David withholds medical treatment from “Erica” until she signs documents reinstating him to the hospital. He asks her who Jane Campbell is and surmises from her scars and her reaction that she is an imposter, which Jane confirms. She pleads with David not to expose her, and promises to help him in exchange for his silence. The henchmen reveals to Erica that his name is Ben, and she continues to draw him out. When Jane tells Jackson that she signed the papers reinstating David, Greenlee is outraged. Jane tells David that Greenlee plans to sell the hospital and David hatches a plan for “Erica” to purchase the hospital. Jackson is charmed when “Erica” becomes very accommodating to her fans by signing autographs and treating them to dinner. When he wants to make love “Erica” pledges to make this like their very first time. The mood is broken when Jackson starts talking about Kendall and Bianca, and when “Erica” reaches for a drink, Jackson is alarmed. David approaches Jane and pressures her to work faster.

Bianca agrees to help JR win Marissa’s trust and love again, but makes him swear never to hurt her. Marissa confesses that she wants to give JR another chance, and Bianca tells her she just wants her friend to be happy. Bianca remains haunted by her harrowing experience and confesses to Kendall that she is uncomfortable accepting Marissa’s support because she is falling in love with her. JR tries to drive a wedge between Marissa and Scott, and plots to keep Scott from moving back to the carriage house. Marissa doesn’t understand why Bianca is being distant.


Greenlee vows to fight for Ryan and encourages Scott not to give up on Madison. Ryan tells Madison she can still become exactly who she wanted to be. Scott wants Madison to move back in, but she decides to stay put for the time being. Cara and Jake dispose of their old wedding bands. After Griffin tells Cara off for almost sleeping with Jake, she tells Tad the truth and that she wants to be with him (Tad) if he still wants her. Liza works a deal with Griffin, where he will only get community service and be required to pay restitution, with no jail time. When Griffin shares the news with Kendall her response is delighted and she agrees to pay the restitution. Maya makes a mysterious phone call. Colby puts the blog on the backburner so she can tend to Asher.


Jake is hit with memories of his past with Cara and the time she left him when they were overseas on Monday, June 6.

Griffin and Kendall almost have another “moment” when he says he is going to leave town after the charges are dropped on Tuesday, June 7.

Ryan encourages Madison that she can still be the woman she once dreamt of being. He does say that he thinks Scott is a good man on Wednesday, June 8.

Angry at Scott over his close relationship with Marissa, JR calls Marissa to come meet him at the bar claiming he was hit by a mystery man. Scott shows up and takes the blame, saying he hit JR for no reason on Thursday, June 2.

Jack kisses “Erica” and admits he misses making love to her. Erica/Jane says that she wants their first time since being kidnapped to be like it’s their first time ever on Friday, June 3.


Will Bianca confess her feelings to Marissa? Jake tries to rekindle his romance with Amanda, while Amanda continues to try to manipulate Jake’s feelings. Erica gets in a bind.

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