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OLTL Previews: Week of June 27


The Buchanan family prepares for the worst and they gather around to say their goodbyes to Clint.


Clint pleads with Natalie and Jessica to make amends and recalls happier times with Viki. He also urges Joey to work things out with Kelly, just as David and Dorian and Kelly are learning that Clint will not receive a heart transplant. As time seems to be running out, Rex comes to a surprising turnabout and agrees to allow Clint to receive Gigi’s heart, in return for the Buchanan fortune. Rex explains to Gigi that he is going to use his newly acquired power to seek revenge against the Mannings. While Clint is being prepared for surgery, Viki encourages Jessica not to make any rash decisions about Brody, leading Brody and Jessica to have a heartfelt conversation. Meanwhile things are shaking at the Buchanan mansion. Aubrey shows up and asks Cutter to let her stay. Their argument disturbs Vimal and when he chastises the angry pair, Aubrey blurts out that Rama is not pregnant. Just as Vimal and Aubrey manage to convince Cutter to allow them to stay at the mansion, Nigel arrives with movers and the news that the deed Clint signed was a fake, and all current occupants are evicted. Brody is on the verge of listening to the tape found at the scene of Jack’s crime, but is first interrupted by Ford, and then Natalie. Brody and Natalie agree that they want to be together and create a family with Liam, although they know that news will not be well received by a lot of people. Natalie wants John to hear the news from her and leaves to tell him. Left alone, Brody hears Marty’s confession that Liam is John’s son. After a conversation with Blair, John is considering reconciling with Natalie, but Natalie tells him of the decision she and Brody have reached. Brody arrives to tell Natalie the truth about Liam, but pulls back when he finds her with John. What Brody doesn’t know is that a drunken Todd has confided everything to Vimal, who comes to Rodi’s intending to spill the truth to John.


Echo continues to plot with Ionia (who plays Dorian in the movie) to make it appear that David is cheating on Dorian. Pleased with how her plan is working, Echo vows to get Viki next. Cris walks away after Rama admits she lied about being pregnant for money, but Rama finds him in the steam room and explains that her background has left her deeply afraid of poverty. Deanna and Nate are frantic over Rick’s threats to expose Nate’s role in Matthew’s injury. Blair is upset to learn of her son’s troubles, and Todd’s interference in keeping Jack from facing the consequences. Ford abducts Jessica and takes her back to the Minuteman Motel. Jessica tries to escape drawing the attention of neighbors, Rama and Aubrey who call the police. Ford releases Jessica, but she decides she’s not going anywhere. Joey and Kelly have a heart-to-heart.


Viki assembles the family to say goodbye. She and Clint share a heartfelt moment in which he remembers he was always at his best when married to her on Monday, June 27.

Todd tells Jack he wants him to work at the SUN with Todd, and stop screwing up now that Todd bought him a second chance on Tuesday, June 28.

Destiny has a pregnancy test on Wednesday, June 29.

John prepares to tell Natalie he thinks he can get past what happened, just as Natalie prepares to tell him she’s moved on with Brody on Thursday, June 30.

Conflicted Brody pours his heart out to Liam. Meanwhile, Todd tells all about Liam’s paternity to Vimal on Friday, July 1.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of July 4.

Bo and Nora make an important decision, Dorian and Viki play right into Echo’s hands and John and Brody work together to bring down Todd Manning as the man with Todd Manning’s original face makes his way to Llanfair.

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