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AMC Previews: Week of July 18


Eva La Rue returns as Dr. Maria Santos.


Maya is overwhelmed with emotion when she holds Lucy. Frankie notices her reaction and asks if she’s okay. Maya explains she felt the same way when she held her own baby. Jesse witnesses Maya kissing Lucy’s forehead and is uncomfortable. Angie notices that Maya is ignoring several calls on her cell phone and asks her if she’s in trouble, but Maya brushes off her concern. Maya tells Mookie to stop calling and Angie questions her about the relationship. After Jesse hears Maya explain to Frankie that she’s coming to grips with her guilt over letting her baby go, he expresses his concerns to Brot that Maya could be Lucy’s biological daughter. Although Brot and Jesse agree it would be an impossible coincidence, Jesse wants to do a DNA test as soon as possible.

Marissa tells her mother she’s in love and Krystal is delighted by the news. When Bianca arrives, Krystal hugs her and tells her that her daughter is so happy and in love. JR drops AJ off with Tad and Cara so he won’t be upset when Marissa packs her stuff and leaves. Tad delivers a little tough love and asks JR if he plans to find comfort in the bottle, or will he go to AA. JR retorts that he just slipped once and doesn’t need to go to a meeting. Tad muses about what Dixie would think and JR says to leave her out of the discussion. Marissa tells Scott that she’s in love with Bianca and he’s happy for her, but wonders how JR took the news. Marissa sees the liquor bottle and assumes JR left it there. Scott tells her not to feel responsible for JR’s drinking problem. JR arrives, and immediately assumes Scott wants to gloat. Scott informs JR that Marissa’s choice is not a personal attack against JR, but he’s glad she will never return to JR again. JR apologizes to Dixie’s picture. Amanda arrives and tells JR that she may have cancer, but refuses his support. She’s disheartened to find him drinking and tells him she hopes he will pull himself out of this ditch, but she will not be the one who helps him this time. Marissa tries to explain JR’s behavior to her son, while JR dares Marissa to tell AJ the truth. Marissa explains to AJ that she and Bianca love each other and plan to give him a happy home, while Bianca tries to get through to JR.


Tad receives Dixie’s journal in some belongings sent from Dixie’s deceased father. Kathy sees Dixie in the park. Tad holds a memorial and says goodbye to Dixie. Jane and Erica bond over their childhood experiences. Erica convinces Jane to let her go. Jane plans her wedding to David. Griffin’s connection to David is tested. David is caught in a lie when he postpones Angie’s surgery. Eva LaRue returns as Maria Santos.


Having accepted David’s proposal Jane tells Bianca and Kendall she doesn’t want to choose between them and David on Monday, July 18.

Eva La Rue returns to AMC for her first appearance as Maria Santos. Kendall says David saves people for his own purposes and tells Griffin about Maria Santos on Tuesday, July 19.

Caleb and Asher find JR drinking in the parlor and Caleb grabs the flask and chucks it in the garbage. He plans on taking Asher home where he belongs on Wednesday, July 20.

Jane overhears Jackson admit to Greenlee that the woman he loves stabbed him in the heart. He’s heartbroken but isn’t giving up on Erica Jane is moved by his passion on Thursday, July 21.

Ben promises to stay with Jane and they decide to let Erica go but cannot let her know where they are or how to get back on Friday, July 22.


Janet “from Another Planet” appears in Pine Valley, Jesse tells Frankie he’s discovered something about Maya, Brot finds Dixie.

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