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‘90210’ Recast: Bye-bye Drew Seeley! Matt Cohen Is In as Jeremy

In a rather soap-opera like move, The CW’s 90210 has replaced Drew Seeley with Matt Cohen.

Glory Daze star Drew Seeley was to guest-star as a Jeremy, one of the new characters planned for Season 4. Unfortunately for Seeley, he called into work sick on his first day of work and was fired due to the inability to accommodate his absence reports Zap2it.

Supernatural hottie Matt Cohen will now play the character instead. Cohen originally auditioned for the role but lost out to Seeley. Turnabout is fair play right? Cohen is also known for his days on Teen Nick’s (then The N) soapy drama South of Nowhere, where he played Aiden Dennison for three seasons. He married his South of Nowhere co-star Mandy Musgrave (ex-Chelsea, Days of Our Lives) in May 2011.

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