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OLTL Previews: Week of July 18


Todd and Todd Face-Off!


As the Manning family searches for the missing Sam, they discover an unmasked and disoriented “superhero”, who explains he was knocked out. Blair calls John, who has been puzzling over the mystery with Natalie. When John and Natalie survey the scene, they speculate that whoever attacked the man must also be responsible for killing Agent Kent, and John reveals that he believes there well may be two Todds. Tomas hears about Sam’s friend who has Todd’s old face, but Todd is still in the dark as he prepares to meet the kidnapper. The man with Todd’s original face makes a game of keeping Sam away from his family at the Minute Man Motel. Todd and the man with his original face meet. The man with Todd’s original face demands answers, mentioning Baker and Kent in the process. When Todd tries to persuade the man to let Sam go, the man with Todd’s original face announces that they are going to find Viki and Tea and Blair and forces Todd to leave with him at gunpoint. Before they reach their destination, Baker and another Agent intercept, and assure Todd he will never see the man with his original face again. John questions Tomas about the encrypted file, and Blair pleads with him to speak up if he knows anything that can help them find Sam, but Tomas denies any knowledge. Jack mentions his attack, but before John can question him, Dani interrupts to tell them she heard Sam at the Minute Man Motel. When John burst into the motel room, Sam, having heard Dorian’s distress calls, has left to rescue Dorian from Echo. John arrives to discover Echo, Dorian and Sam, and returns Sam to his family. Meanwhile, Baker shoots the man with Todd’s original face down at the docks and rolls his body into the water.

Rama congratulates Vimal on his new job, and he considers telling her that John McBain is Liam’s father. John receives a letter from Vimal telling him the truth about Liam, but before he can read it, Rex interrupts demanding Echo’s release. John explains to Rex that the evidence against Echo will not permit him to avoid pressing charges and John is concerned about Rex’s frame of mind and what he may do next. Meanwhile, Jessica sees Natalie, Brody and Liam in a happy family moment and unleashes her fury, telling Brody that Natalie loves John and would be with him if Liam were John’s son. Brody leaves and the sisters continue to fight until Ford arrives and breaks things up. Ford invites Jessica on a little outing with him and Ryder and she accepts. Brody returns to the police station and discovers Vimal’s letter on John’s desk. Brody is rocked when he learns someone else knows the truth about Liam’s paternity. Brody takes the letter and goes to find Vimal and pressures him to keep the secret. John returns and observes that someone has been rifling through the papers on his desk. Natalie doesn’t know anything about it, but when John leaves to meet an informant and Brody returns, Natalie questions Brody about it. Brody denies any knowledge, but his distress is evident.


Rick gets what he wants from Nate and Deanna and keeps his end of their bargain. Destiny almost tells Nora that she’s pregnant but Dani interrupts. Viki tries to keep David calm while Dorian is missing. Dorian returns and she and David renew their love. Tea grows more suspicious of Tomas and threatens to evict him if he doesn’t tell her the truth. Tomas meets with Baker and we learn more about their history. Tensions rise between Baz and Tomas. David and Dorian hold a gala to celebrate the premier of their movie. The Mannings have a party to celebrate Sam’s heroism and safe return. Todd tells Sam and Starr how much he loves them. Rex is steamed to see the happy Manning’s celebrating.


Todd finds himself face-to-face with the man with Todd’s original face on Monday, July 18.

Echo panics, having kidnapped Dorian without quite meaning to. Dorian’s escape attempt is foiled. Echo is almost about to do something desperate to get rid of but Sam, hearing Dorian’s scream, bursts in dressed as a super hero on Tuesday, July 19.

Natalie divulges to Viki the oddity surrounding the identity of Sam’s no-longer imaginary friend. on Wednesday, July 20.

John is concerned about the lengths to which Rex will go for revenge, having figured out Origami Cogs, the company that scooped Todd, is an anagram for Gigi Morasco on Thursday, July 21.

Rex warns Dorian that if she doesn’t drop the charges against Echo, Rex will get Clint to press charges against Dorian for attempted murder on Friday, July 22.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of July 25.

Clint is preparing to be released from the hospital, and a potential move to Statesville, while Brody and Natalie make an important decision and Tomas makes a shocking accusation about Todd.

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