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GH Previews: Week of October 10


Lucky shuts Elizabeth down.


After weeks of being back in Port Charles undetected, Lucky finally has an important conversation with Luke. Lucky hopes his father will leave Lulu alone, too. However, Luke packs a surprise. Later, Tracy pays Anthony Zacchara a visit at the MetroCourt Hotel. But they are soon interrupted by Luke. Lucky and Ethan discuss the return of their father to Port Charles and addictions.

Elizabeth hopefully invites Lucky to a family pumpkin patch trip. But Lucky calls Elizabeth out on wanting to play house with him and the kids. Lucky dashes all of Elizabeth’s hopes of the two of them being together. Lucky makes an important decision while Elizabeth breaks down in anger and despair. Afterwards, Lucky confides in Ethan, and the two men look at the slashed portrait of Laura that Ethan recovered from Wyndemere. A hopeless Lulu admits to Maxie that a happily ever after may not be possible for she and Dante… and then takes a drink.


Jason and Sam continue to enjoy their honeymoon and joke about Hawaiian shirts. Unbeknownst to the newlyweds, they are in trouble not only from Franco, but also from a frantic Carly. Steve and Olivia get romantic… and injured. Sonny awakens startled, grabs his gun – and points it at Kate. They have a heart-to-heart, as Dante listens in. Franco watches Jason and Sam’s every move and plans one of his own. Meanwhile, Carly tries to convince Shawn to take her and Josslyn with him to Hawaii. Anthony rekindles a friendship. Sonny stops Michael from getting more involved in the business. When Kate stumbles upon the panic room, the three of them have to work together to keep the cops from discovering the drugs. Sonny finds himself in Kate’s arms.

Maxie arrives with Robin’s birthday cake – but bad luck continues to follow her. Just as Patrick and Robin discuss building a greater future together, their lives are turned upside down. Kristina is determined to intern for Kate at Crimson. Kristina also receives some startling news. Jason discovers a curious object in their shack, to Franco’s delight. Later, both Carly and Shawn arrive in Hawaii, just in time to interrupt Jason and Sam. A proud Patrick organizes a celebratory boat party for Matt’s research achievement. Unbeknownst to them, someone is watching.


Michael is discovered in the panic room on Monday, October 10th.

Patrick is horrified when he believes he sees Lisa on Tuesday, October 11th.

Patrick takes Robin on an international birthday celebration for an hour on Wednesday, October 12th.

Sonny visits Kate with flowers and an unspoken chemistry between the two on Thursday, October 13th.

As Lisa takes down someone in her way, Matt invites Elizabeth as his date to his boat party after Maxie cancels on him on Friday, October 14th.


Steve makes an important announcement. Jason and Sam confront Carly and Shawn. Everyone is excited about Matt’s celebration. Maxie fishes out Anthony. Lisa makes her move. Lulu is overwhelmed. Matt and Elizabeth get close. Jason and Carly have words. Kate trounces into Jake’s. Sonny advises Lulu. Elizabeth finds herself in a precarious position. Lisa surprises Robin and Patrick. Sonny won’t stand for Kate’s attitude.

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