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Glee Recap: 'Pot O' Gold' A Successful Effort After Short Hiatus


Glee’s fourth episode of the season introduces a new character, new storylines and lots of campy fun!

After a three week hiatus, Glee returned last night with a brand new episode with much fanfare. With new characters and new storylines, things seem to be shaping up well on the series on the way, Glee hopes to continue with its successful formula of campy dramedy and musical productions.

Damien McGinty, winner of the first season of Oxygen’s The Glee Project, made his appearance as Rory, an Irish foreign exchange student desperately in love with Brittany. McGinty was a perennial fan favorite during the competition and proved he does in fact have what it takes to “play with the big dogs.” Who said nothing good comes from reality tv?

Mercedes and her now stronger, all-lady glee club, got their first group number. The newly christened “Trouble Tones,” also known as the “I hate Rachel Berry” fan club, was 100% Glee. Meaning it was happy, cheerful, kind of empty, but still managed to put a huge smile on your face. Over all I am excited to see where these girls are headed in their struggle to be number one.

This week we also found out that the blessed event has finally occurred (all be it off screen) Brittany and Santana are dating. Although still somewhat in the closet the girls have finally given into their lady love and are stronger than ever. The only problem, most of this happened off screen and was basically explained away by a shrimp cocktail. Murphy has kept his promise relationships are definitely in the back seat this season although we are starting to wonder if they are too far back.

Burt Hummel once again proves he is the best father in the Glee-verse and also that he needs to make new friends, no one should hang out with that many morticians. However watching his race against Sue and hopefully beating the pants off of her has quickly become the thing I am looking forward to the most this season maybe even more than all the kids losing their “V” cards next week.

Quinn proved once again that she has no clue what she wants from one moment to the next yet still manages to tug a few heart strings as she unfolds her completely misguided yet almost endearing plan to get Beth back. Puck on the other hand appears to be playing for any team that means he can see his daughter. I have to say I approve though and it isn’t just because my heart melted as much as Shelby’s while he was singing to the little girl. It is because that kiss was smoking and I have been counting the minutes since the Glee pilot broke for a dirty twisted teacher student romance.

Be sure to tune into Glee next week for what it seems will be an hour of talking about sex. Maybe a few of our virgins will actually get some. Who’ll go all the way and who’ll chicken out? You will have to tune in to see.

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