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GH Previews: Week of November 7


Olivia’s a murder suspect (along with half the town) and she finally comes face to face with Steve’s past.


Olivia comes home with a pregnancy test, worried her recent dizzy spells signal something bigger, just as Steve unexpectedly shows up. Steve goes for a drink at Jake’s to calm his nerves about what he’s just encountered. Meanwhile, Sonny visits Olivia and shows genuine concern about her health. Sonny and Olivia happen upon Kate and Johnny on the side of the road. Will Kate and Olivia have to diffuse a fight between their mobster ex-boyfriends?

Mac announces a major investigation is now open regarding Lisa’s murder. Robin catches Patrick coming home late at night with wet shoes. Patrick, Robin, Matt, Maxie, Steve and Olivia are all suspects in the Lisa Niles case. Maggie, the new pediatrics doctor, arrives at General Hospital (Kodi Kitchen debuts in the contract role of Maggie). Olivia saves Steve from single parenting of Cameron and Aiden and the situation suddenly becomes heavy handed with future implications for the pair. Dante dives into the Lisa Niles case when Lulu had hoped he would take a break. Olivia gets introduced to Maggie, a woman from Steve’s past in Memphis.


Carly milks a moment with Johnny to try and call Sonny to arms. Shawn referees but Kate let’s Carly have it. Matt takes care of Elizabeth but how will Maxie react when she discovers her enemy with her boyfriend? Lucky visits Siobhan’s church and feels a presence. Spinelli finds his new expertise: online sports betting! Carly questions Shawn about his indifference to her. Dante and Lulu finally return home.

Shawn and Carly make a discovery. Jason and Sam seek out Franco. Lucky wonders if his subconscious is playing tricks on him. Jason and Sam arrive home in Port Charles. Carly solicits stories from Shawn’s past on Veteran’s Day. Elizabeth continues on a downward spiral as Matt works hard to save her.


Jason and Sam receive Franco’s wedding gift on Monday, November 7th.

Kate and Sonny slow dance as Johnny watches nearby on Tuesday, November 8th.

Kate’s car breaks down and Johnny goes into mechanic mode on Wednesday, November 9th.

Tracy tells Luke about Aiden’s true paternity on Thursday, November 10th.

Elizabeth gets an unscheduled visit from Jason on Friday, November 11th.


Mac questions Robin and Patrick. Sonny and Luke have an intense conversation. Lucky has a dream. Luke and his family talk about psychological scars. Tracy and Lulu are shocked. Jason is determined to find Franco. Maxie receives a bouquet of roses. Luke has a setback. Steve and Maggie talk about yesteryear. Sonny and Carly don’t see eye to eye when it comes to Kate.

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