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OLTL Previews: Week of November 7


More suspicions mount against Todd.


Natalie asks Jessica to come to her wedding, but when Jessica reveals some important information, Natalie accuses her of trying to wreck her life with Brody. Natalie tells Brody about Jessica’s wild story. Brody goes to the PD and comes upon Vimal who is there to report his sister, Neela, missing. Brody hears Vimal say that he plans to tell John about Liam as soon as Neela is found. Brody follows Vimal to the Sun where Vimal is meeting Rama. Jessica is searching for the missing paternity test when Brody shows up to pick up Cord for the wedding. Brody is also frantic to find the test. Natalie and John have a heart-to-heart that leaves Natalie very upset. Tina tells Natalie that she doesn’t have to marry Brody. Their discussion is interrupted when Princess David Vickers escapes and Natalie tells Tina to go look for her. Roxy tells John he’s blowing his last chance for happiness with Natalie. Clint is upset that he will not be able to walk Natalie down the aisle and asks Rex to take his place. The wedding begins.

Todd secures the gun from Louie and thinks he’s in the clear, in spite of Tomas’s mounting suspicions. When Bo asks for John’s help in solving Victor’s murder so that Bo can keep his job, John drops a bombshell about his future plans. Bo and John bounce around some theories about who killed Victor and jointly conclude that Todd remains their most viable suspect. The search for Louie and the gun resumes. Meanwhile, Tomas and Kalmar work together to solve the murder and begin to think they’re getting closer to proving Todd is guilty. Jack remains convinced that Todd is guilty and is enraged that Todd is using the Sun to promote his image as an upstanding citizen. Jack plans to burn the Sun’s offices down. Blair discovers Tomas attempting to break into the safe in Todd’s office. Todd returns and goes off on Tomas for trying to turn Blair against him. Todd is determined to neutralize Tomas and removes a gun from his safe. Todd goes to Dorian’s where he finds Blair and Tomas in a kiss. Todd overhears Blair telling Tomas how she feels about him before she and Tomas ascend the stairs to the bedroom. Irene appears to Todd and offers encouragement. Meanwhile, Jack torches the sun.


Rick is not satisfied with the music video and wants to shoot another. Vivian tells Shaun she doesn’t want to get married. Tea shares the results of her pregnancy test with Blair. Jack continues to help Neela evade Vimal. Bo and Nora share a dance and reflect on all that has happened since they married.


Bo requires John’s help to crack the Victor Lord murder; without a break, Bo will get the axe from Mayor Finn. John stuns Bo with news about his future on Monday, November 7.

Blair decides to go ask Todd directly how he feels. Blair goes to Todd’s office where Tomas is snooping around on Tuesday, November 8.

Blair brings Tomas to Dorian’s house. They kiss and Todd watches, gun in hand. on Wednesday, November 9.

Todd eavesdrops as Blair tells Tomas she won’t wait around for Todd to change, because he never will on Thursday, November 10.

Nora finds Bo in the church, praying for Matthew. They share a private moment realizing how much has happened since they were in this church, getting married, a little more than a year ago on Friday, November 11.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of November 14.

Tina’s arrival at Natalie’s wedding creates a dramatic turn of events. Todd and Baker team up. Rex comes face-to-face with Gigi’s face. Rex and Aubrey fly to Rio and Cutter has a surprising connection to a former Llanview resident.

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