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'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: The Tale of Four Brothers


Some seriously epic things went down in this week’s episode. Like serious. Like a kiss we’ve been waiting forever for. Or at least, I have been waiting along with every other Damon and Elena fan out there, but some more important – I know, hard to believe – things went down.

Previously: The gangs plan to kill Klaus went awry with Klaus killing his father and Stefan stealing the coffins filled with Klaus’ family. Needless to say, Klaus is unhappy about this.

The winter premiere centered onMysticFalls’ finest brothers, Damon, Stefan, Jeremy, and Klaus. Each had their own difficult situation they had to work through, the uniting factor being that Klaus is the cause for everything. And can you blame the guy? Stefan did steal his family, the one thing Klaus cares about in the entire world. It was no surprise when Klaus breezed back intoMysticFalls, hybrids in tow, on a hunt for his sister and Stefan. The problem is that none of the other guys are willing to play his games.

First, Klaus went to Damon, who denied knowing Rebekah’s whereabouts, but agreed that the two had something in common. They both hate Stefan, but that doesn’t mean Damon is going to help find him. This knocked the chip off Klaus’ shoulder and put his first act of Klausageddon into action: killing Jeremy.

As if Elena’s brother didn’t have enough problems. He’s back to his typical teenager ways; skipping school, drinking, and hanging out with a hybrid. When Elena and Alaric stage an intervention, Jeremy retaliates by invitingTylerinto their house. We got a decent explanation of being compelled (like being hypnotized) and being sired (like having a strong faith) from Tyler who is convinced he can make his own decisions. One phone call later from Klaus and Jeremy is standing in the middle of a street as a car speeds toward him. How was this possible? Jeremy was compelled by Klaus afterTylertook his bracelet and stopped him from drinking vervain – so much for making your own decisionsTyler.

Alaric heroically came to Jeremy’s rescue, shoving him out of the car and taking the hit himself. While he was wearing his ring, there was something so fatherly about Alaric’s decision. Did he even have time to register the fact that this was supernatural? Or did his daddy instincts to save Jeremy kick in? Bonus points for being a kickass father, Alaric. We all knew you could do it.

With Alaric on the couch and waiting to return from the dead, Damon and Elena head to the house of the original witches (after being clued in by Bonnie as to Stefan’s whereabouts). Since Damon can’t enter the house, Elena goes alone and is faced with pure hostility from her ex-boyfriend. Gosh, I just love mean Stefan so much. He reminds me of Damon from the first season, except he’s more sincere in it. Is it possible that Stefan is better at being bad than his older brother? I’m starting to think so. While we know that Stefan’s heart (the metaphorical one of course since doesn’t actually beat) is still in him, he sure gave Elena the cold shoulder, and finally received the slap he’s had coming for a long time. He made it clear he doesn’t care about Jeremy or her and Damon overheard everything.

When Elena came out of the house, Damon promptly handed over the car keys and promised to deal with his brother. Getting burned alive by a bunch of witches who despise you is serious brotherly love. Even Stefan’s mockingly impressed. I really love when these two go at it. There’s something so genuine about their fighting because A) they stake each other in a heartbeat B) they truly care about each other and C) they are both in love with the same girl, even if they can’t admit it. Stefan admits that saving Klaus saved Damon, which lead to Damon staking him again and telling him to stop saving him.

It took Damon a little while to come to terms with what Stefan had told him. He returned after a quick frolic through the woods, demanding to know why his brother saved him. Brotherly love? Check. Guilty conscience? Check. Will Stefan admit these things? Never. Instead he tells Damon there has to be a way to get rid of Klaus and just like that Damon and Stefan are on a team again and leaving Elena on the outside. Stefan trusts his brother so much that he shows him the original witches are hiding the coffins.  

Meanwhile, Elena came home to an awakened Alaric, who began coughing blood. So much for that magical ring – any ideas on why it’s not working anymore? She called 911, but by the time the paramedics got there, a hybrid was waiting and compelled them to leave. The hybrid thought his plan was incredibly smart, but he never counted on being shot in the back with a crossbow by Jeremy. What’s better than that? He beheaded the guy for her. Elena’s brother should win all the awards. Sadly, he won’t be winning any awards because the episode ended with Damon compelling him to leaveMysticFalls forever. I’ll be holding a candlelight vigil for Jeremy until he returns.

Stefan and Damon weren’t the only ones making deals. Elena invited Klaus to the Salvatore house and gave him Rebekah in exchange for Jeremy’s safety. Klaus was happy to comply and pointed out there are others she loves he can go after to which Elena kindly pointed out that Rebekah knows what he did to their mother. This kept a lovely reunion from occurring between the brother and sister. Klaus staked her again, but at least he apologized this time.

This is what made the episode so interesting for me. There are all these opposing sides: Damon, Stefan, Klaus, and Jeremy. Yet each one is driven by the same thing: protecting their family and the people they love. Damon and Stefan will always have each others backs, even if it’s twisted. Jeremy will behead someone for sister. Damon will do whatever it takes for Elena (and something tells me Stefan eventually will as well). And Klaus will stake his own family if he thinks it’s keeping them (and him for that matter) safe. Is there any length they won’t go?

Oh, there was one other thing that happened this week…

After compelling Jeremy, Elena sweetly walked Damon to the door and thanked him. It was a moment reminiscent of the porch scene between Damon and Katherine in season one, only this time it was actually Elena he was with, which lead to the epic kiss I’ve been waiting for. I have my reasons for enjoying this so much, the main being that Damon told Elena that Stefan saved him before kissing her. My biggest issue with putting Damon and Elena together is that it has to be on her choosing Damon, not him being second best. Pointing out that Stefan still cares and has his humanity reminds Elena of that, but it sure as hell didn’t stop him from kissing Elena.

And this means it’s up to her to make her decision now. On one hand, she has the brother she’s loved and convinced she’s lost, but he’s not quite gone yet. On the other, there’s the brother who has saved her life, been her emotional pillar, and become the good guy she’s always wanted to be. Good luck making that one, Elena. 

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