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Revenge Recap: Oh Tyler…


This was the week viewers had been longing for — the final (or is it?) goodbye from the sneaky, conniving, certifiably psychopathic Tyler Barrol.

If Wednesday’s episode didn’t help refresh your memory of the happenings in the Hamptons thus far into the season, take a peek at my Revenge cheat sheet for a quick refresher.

Tyler’s been a thorn in everyone’s side, viewers included, from the second he appeared on our screens. And Ashton Holmes’ portrayal of the character has been sinister, campy, and downright devilish. Week after week,Tylerhas snaked his way into the Grayson family, caused trouble for Emily and Nolan, and learned the secrets of nearly every character – Emily excluded. He’s lied, drugged, and extorted his way into these people lives, culminating in the soapy fallout that happened at Daniel’s birthday party.

Let’s back up a little bit though.

Birthdays in theHamptonscan be tough if you’re Daniel Grayson. Your mother wants to hire Cirque Du Soleil performers, buy you a fancy car, and invite everyone she knows to come and whisper about how fabulous you are. Much to Victoria’s dismay, in this year’s case, your girlfriend takes the lead and puts together a cozy little clambake on the beach with a short invitation list.

Instead of voicing her distaste, Queen V rolled with her son’s desires and even took a cue from Daniel’s girlfriend by stealing her gift idea. For once,Victoriaseems to be putting her children’s desires first, which is likely to benefit her with the looming divorce drama. She didn’t even bat an eye when Emily told her Jack and Amanda Clarke would be attending the party. Is Queen V actually learning to play nice with her children?

Conrad isn’t going down in the divorce without a fight, but neither is his wife. Who knew that signing a pre-nuptial agreement while pregnant was considered a state of duress? Two pointsVictoria, even if she wasn’t actually pregnant and is having medical records forged to say she was. I doubt this will go down as easily as she hopes, but part of me wants it to since Conrad was such a conniving, cheating bastard. Considering all Queen V has put up with, she deserves 50% of his wealth.

While the Graysons battled with their lawyers, Emily was making nice with Nolan. These two are destined to be best friends forever and always. They understand each other. They need each other. And this may be the first time in her entire life that Emily has genuinely said the words, “I’m sorry.” Both admitted their wrongs, Emily knows Nolan wouldn’t purposely stab her in the back and Nolan recognizes his feelings forTylergot in the way. What matters most is that they’re together and ready to take down their enemy.

Unfortunately, Tyler wasn’t going down without a fight. He further blackmailed Conrad with the video of Frank and Lydia fighting before Frank threw her over the building.


Conrad seemed surprised thatTylerwas taking things this far. Really, Conrad? You should expect the worst considering what you’ve done to people. Did anyone else thinkTylerhad a point when he told Conrad, “It appears you despicable people are starting to rub off on me.”

WhileTylerwas meeting with Conrad, Emily was searching the Grayson pool house for the camera that had recorded Lydia’s death. She found the camera along with Tyler’s empty pill bottle. In true HBIC fashion, Emily called the doctor’s office on the bottle, posing as a doctor herself, and learned that police had been looking forTylerfor weeks. She left the pool house, went straight to Nolan, who contacted Tyler’s brother. She may have also mentioned something about hiding the camera at her house so she can keep an eye on Daniel in caseTylercomes after him. It’s an act of protecting her man, you know, the one she denies she loves. It’s okay, Em, we know how you feel even if you won’t admit it.

The setup for celebrating the birth of the hottest guy in all theHamptonscontinued with Jack and Emily setting up for the clambake. The two were cute and cozy, but Jack had made it clear earlier that he’d been waiting for Amanda Clarke his whole life and Emily meant nothing to him now. Therein lays my biggest problem with Jack. If you’ve waited your entire life for someone, you should recognize when it’s the wrong person. And the fact that your dog despises that person should be another clue, but anyway… Emily’s flashback to her childhood clambake with Jack was a little heartbreaking. He was easily the first love of her life and now he’s probably having all the same memories as her with the wrong Amanda in place. It has to sting a little bit.

Daniel was busy confrontingTyleraround this time. Did anyone else expect things to get weird whenTylershoved Daniel back against the wall? It was a little too Nolan-Tyler for me. Thankfully,Tylerjust told him to have a nice life and left the pool house, leaving Daniel very shaken.

Nolan and Emily had been tracking Tyler’s cell GPS the entire episode, with Nolan believing his current location was on a plane. When he called to update Emily, she invited him to the clambake, resulting in an adorable smile from her partner in crime. All Nolan wants is to have friends, people around him he can count on, and Emily’s giving him that. It’s pretty sweet, even if they are a little crazy and psychopathic.

Of course, nothing is ever as it seems in the Hamptons, and Nolan hung up the phone to find Tyler in his living room. Why did he ever get rid of that bodyguard? Knife in hand Tyler demands to know where the camera is. When Nolan doesn’t react, Tyler stabs him just as feed from the camera comes over his laptop. The look on Tyler’s face as he contemplated what to do with Nolan was downright chilling. I’ve never been so scared for my beloved Nolan than I was this week. Thankfully he was saved not long after by the arrival of Nolan’s brother, but boy, was I worried for him. Time to rehire that bodyguard stat, Mr. Ross.

Back at the beach, Daniel’s party was officially underway, and when there’s a party in theHamptons, someone has to be cut from that list and make a scene about it. InsertTylerhere.

Before Tyler’s arrival, Emily gifted Daniel with a summer scrapbook of poems, a gift idea stolen by his mother. It’s so fun watching Hamptons Queens Emily and Victoria find these little ways to go at each other. Conrad and Victoria also discussed Amanda Clarke and with a quick once over, V decided that her wardrobe choices and cheap shoes did not belong to David Clarke’s daughter. One million points toVictoriafor noticing the obvious. Why can’t Jack wise up this quickly?

Emily excused herself from the table to get Daniel’s birthday cake from inside the house, where Tylerwas prying around for the camera. In a stellar scene of medically psychopathic versus driven to craziness, Emily cut Tylerdown with a few sentences and blackmailed him for Frank’s murder. This moment of excitement was short-lived whenTyler snatched the gun from the desk, starting his last round of theatrics.

On the beach, Emily appeared with the cake and everyone began singing, but faded away whenTylerappeared. In a hilarious bit, he finished the song for him and then launched into a fun game of truth or die. Starting with Connie, he asked him for the truth on what happened to David Clarke and when he failed to answer, pointed the gun at Emily’s head. Just as he’s about to pull the trigger, his brother appears with Nolan, distracting him long enough for Jack to tackle him and Daniel to get in a punch to the face.

The episode ended with the police arresting Tyler, everyone whispering about him being Frank’s murderer, and Emily proving she was yet again a step ahead of everyone else. The gun thatTylerhad grabbed from her desk wasn’t loaded and she had known that the entire time.Hamptons, give this girl an Oscar because she just acted circles around all of you.

SeeingTylertaken away in a police car was rather bittersweet. While he was frustrating, annoying, and slimy, he was a perfect villain, which makes me wonder if this is the last of him. After all, doesn’t the psycho always come back to strike one last time?

Next Week: In a stunning twist, Emily becomes involved in a game of Daniel’s when he needs her to marry him so his trust fund can be released. Was anyone else stunned by this? Personally, it’s nice to see the score evened between this two. I can’t wait to see what happens next. 

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