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GH Previews: Week of January 16


Tracy prepares to marry another mob kingpin; All hell breaks is about to break loose between the Zacchara and Corinthos organizations.


Tracy prepares to marry another mob kingpin.
Sonny readies himself in a fight to survive. Shawn discovers him, but it’s Jax that walks away with a gun. As Michael tries to get rid of a gun, Carly looks for Zacchara dirt with Luke’s assistance.  Kate gets an ugly glimpse of Sonny’s dark side and wonders if she will stick with him.  Bride-to-be Tracy boils over her upcoming nuptials. Johnny discovers Michael carrying a gun.  Meanwhile, Sonny and Jason talk about their past and future with the Zaccharas.  Jax steps up with Michael. Luke readies the Zacchara arsenal for Carly – but he has his own agenda.  Meanwhile, will Carly start a new chapter as Johnny’s latest bed bunny?!

It’s do or die for Tracy when she is trapped on the boat and has to decide whether or not to marry Anthony. Sonny is shocked by Luke’s latest news.  Meanwhile, Carly and Johnny get hot and heavy, but will Johnny get the job done?  Sonny goes to see Johnny. Jax sets Michael straight with some good fatherly advice. Olivia and Kate confide in one another about their relationships with Steve and Sonny, respectively.  But later, who does Kate meet with at the airport?  Tracy and Anthony proceed down the aisle with wedding planner Maxie at the helm, but someone interrupts.


Jason and Sam have more questions than they have answers. A stunned Patrick refuses to believe Elizabeth and fears the worst about Robin. Ewen and Cassandra discuss her possible past whilst Lulu calls out Ethan on his latest crush. Maxie and Matt prepare for the “Woman Behind the Man” shoot. Patrick calls Robin. Maxie is being followed. Ewen supplies Dante and Delores with a psychological profile on their killer.  Matt becomes uncomfortable with all the attention Ewen is paying Elizabeth.  Lulu decides to become a dog walker, and is without success. Spinelli gets news about Franco’s gallery.  Sam dreams of Franco’s haunting words.

Shawn stumbles upon TJ, the teenage son of the man he accidentally killed in battle.  TJ befriends Molly as study a partner.  Ethan asks Spinelli for help with Cassandra.  Steve and Olivia share some time together but are interrupted by an emergency hospital call. Dante and Lulu share some quality non-dog walking time. Lulu downs glasses of wine as she tries to determine her career passion. Ethan and Cassandra have fun on Spoon Island. 


Maxie asks Matt to move in with her on Monday, January 16th.

Carly and Johnny talk logistics about their indecent proposal on Tuesday, January 17th.

Matt is physically inserted between Maxie and Elizabeth as they argue over who understands him better on Wednesday, January 18th.

Jax stops Michael from traveling down a dangerous path on Thursday, January 19th.

Robin returns home to Port Charles and Patrick is ready for the truth on Friday, January 20th.


Patrick confronts Robin. Sonny has news. Olivia questions Lulu. Luke delivers breakfast to Tracy and Anthony. Alexis sets Sam off. Edward and Luke have a moment. Maxie calls out Lulu. Sonny and Kate make plans for the restaurant. Carly is caught up in the moment.

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