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The Vampire Diaries: Top 5 OMFG Moments from "Our Town"


As per usual, a lot went down in Mystic Falls this week. Let’s take a look at the top five “OMG” moments from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ this week.

Caroline and Elena had funerals for their old lives. Jeremy officially left town. Meredith hit on Alaric for a drink. Matt remained flawless. Caroline was amazing in every scene. Damon and Elena addressed their kiss in just a few sentences. Conclusion: “It’s right. Just not right now.” And the gang drank an entire bottle of tequila without throwing up or being hung over – amazing. Although, I guess getting bitten by a werewolf, knocked out by a vampire, learning that your ex-boyfriend was compelled to leave town, and getting kidnapped by a vampire is very, very sobering. Those awesome things aside, let’s take a lot at the moments the left us gasping, squealing, and downright terrified.

5. Klaus has the town eating out of the palm of his hand.

It should come as no surprise that Mrs. Lockwood, Sheriff Forbes, and everyone else on the council is now Team Klaus. Not only does the hybrid ooze sex appeal, charm, and cleverness, but this time he does have a point. In exchange for getting his family back from Stefan, Klaus has vowed to not only protect Tyler, but the entire town. If Damon doesn’t get his brother under control, the council will be forced to react, and none of us really want that to happen. Klaus’ promises hold up every time. He honored his deal with Stefan. Last week he promised to leave Jeremy alone in exchange for Rebekah, and he also promised to protect Elena from his sister’s wrath. Remember Elijah cut similar deals with Elena. What is it with the Originals? Do they have some inability to not break a promise?

If Klaus is settling down inMysticFalls, he’ll want to do what’s best for the town. Not only will it be what’s best for the town, but it will be what’s best for Klaus too. The council is good company to have on your side. And this is Klaus, a guy who has tried to make friends for decades, but always fails. CouldMysticFallsfinally become his home?

4. Sheriff Forbes finds a dead body. 

Finding dead bodies isn’t necessarily a new thing inMysticFalls, but this one didn’t die of natural causes. It was a murder. It also happened to be the guy that Alaric saved Meredith Fell from at the council meeting – the same guy who issued a warning about Meredith. Something fishy is going on here, guys.

3. Hybrid ex-boyfriend bites vampire ex-girlfriend. 

This bite is interesting. First, Klaus orderedTylerto bite his girlfriend.Tylerwas determined to fight being sired and said no. Did anyone catch that look of hurt on Tyler’s face when Klaus said he was disappointed in him? Later,Tylershowed up at Caroline’s funeral party and pulled her aside, telling her he loved her and he can fight Klaus’ orders. The two started getting hot and heavy and before we knew,Tylerhad nipped her in the throat. Caroline fell back against a tree, her heartbroken byTyleryet again – be still my heart! – and drowned in the realization that the bite would kill her. I’ve said it from the start of their pairing: these two are the supernatural form of Romeo and Juliet. We all know how that ended…

2. Klaus saves Caroline from her werewolf bite.

The chemistry between these two was off the charts. Shippers united before the scene even ended and began cheering for these two. Joseph Morgan proved, yet again, what an incredible actor he is, playing Klaus menacing in his last scene and tender in this one. It was a fantastic scene, definitely one of my favorites this season, perhaps one of the best in the entire series.

If you watch this and don’t swoon, we can no longer be friends.

Whether or not Klaus has ulterior motives is yet to be seen though. But how about that diamond bracelet? Sorry,Tyler(and just think about all the drama this will create!). I’m officially Team Caroline & Klaus Forever.

1. Stefan threatens to kill Elena on Wickery Bridge.

This is the exact point of no return for Stefan. He showed that not only is he a villain, but he may be worse than Klaus. After kidnapping Elena, Stefan calls Klaus and informs that he’ll be getting rid of his precious ability to make hybrids by driving her off of a WickeryBridge. You know, the same bridge she went over with her parents and would have died had Stefan not saved her. It gave me all kinds of feelings, too many feelings, and my heart broke about 57 times during these scenes. Thankfully, Klaus backed down and Stefan stopped the car. Whew. Except poor Elena is now traumatized by the bridge all over again. First, her parents died. Second, she almost died here. And third, it’s the place where her ex-boyfriend tried to kill her.

Then we got another epically emotional Stefan and Elena scene that made me want to curl into a ball and cry for days. Sobbing, Elena got out of the car and began to flip out on Stefan, who insisted he had to make it believable to get Klaus to back down. Destroying Klaus is all he has left. Elena reminded him that he had her, but Stefan said he lost her the moment he left town. She wanted to know if he’s trying to make her hate him, but Stefan doesn’t care what she thinks anymore.

And now that I’ve relived all these painful things, I’m going to go watch Klaus’ speech to Caroline until everything is better. You probably should as well. 

Amber Cunigan
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