B&B Previews: Week of January 16

Katie’s mission to uncover the truth worries Bill; Pam and Nick take a visit to “Let’s Make A Deal.” Brooke learns about Amber’s deal with Rick.


Monday – Bill divulges his full scheme regarding Steffy to Justin. Ridge worries about Rick’s ulterior motive with his new fashion line. Liam makes a confession to Brooke about Mexico. Amber early awaits word on what Ridge and Eric thought of the designs.

Tuesday – Pam meets “Let’s Make A Deal” model Tiffany Coyne and agrees to appear on the game show, recruiting Nick to participate as well. Amber and Rick share a kiss. Jackie informs Nick that Pam is having second thoughts about their deal.

Wednesday – Pam is over the moon, but Nick is less than thrilled as they appear on “Let’s Make a Deal” together. Rick tries to convince Brooke to keep the secret that he is working with Amber. Katie acts on her suspicions and does some investigating.

Thursday – Bill gets uneasy when Katie becomes relentless in her mission to find out the truth. Nick attempts to do damage control with Donna. Liam defends Bill to Katie. Steffy makes serious accusations against Hope.

Friday – Katie confronts Bill after her suspicions are confirmed. As Hope questions her values and choices, Beverly gives her advice. Bill makes a confession to Justin regarding Mexico.