Y&R Preview: Week of January 16

The Newman Board is divided over Adam’s desire to sell Beauty of Nature; Nick and Phyllis grow closer


Sharon is torn between Victor and Adam. Billy and Victoria fall prey to Chelsea’s machinations. Nikki struggles with what she’s done. Adam’s power play against Victor may not go how he planned. Lauren leads the charge against Adam during the Newman Board meeting. Harmony’s desire to help Devon impresses Neil. Victor attempts to pit Sharon against Adam.

Monday – Sharon and Nikki face off over Victor. Cane and Lily enjoy a romantic outing. Chelsea’s actions antagonize Billy and Victoria.

Tuesday – Nikki remembers the details of Diane’s death. Adam’s power grab hits unexpected opposition. Victor gives Sharon an uncomfortable assignment.

Wednesday – Devon challenges Tucker’s intentions. Eden decides Kevin should know the truth about Chloe. Angelina comes clean to Kevin.

Thursday – A secret vote results in victory for Adam. Nikki is suspicious of Chelsea. Nick and Phyllis make amends.
Friday – Sharon is torn between Adam and Victor. Nick is puzzled by Victor’s decision. Jack questions Genevieve’s hidden finances.