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Pretty Little Liars Recap: "The Naked Truth"


Drew Van Acker

This week’s episode is brought to you by Truth-Up Day, a school lock-in and sleepover where students own up to their bad behavior. Why does every show involving teenagers have these kinds of episode?

And why do so many fail to make it something good? I’m not saying tonight’s episode wasn’t good, but it was more or less a way to get all the kids together in one place and create even more chaos in their lives. The lock-in was filled with a dramatic phone call, Jason’s beautiful hair, awkward group games, principal blackmail, a paternity secret, and ninja moves.

Recap: Aria hung out with Holden and accidentally saw bruises covering his side. Emily and Maya got it on. Hanna was framed for sending out a naked picture of her stepsister. The girls learned that Ali had a secret identity with black hair named Vivian and later found a claim ticket of hers stuck in the novel Lolita.

The phone call began when Spencer was able to collect on Ali’s ticket, which happened to be a red jacket. Aria was the first to search through the pockets and discover a phone number. It took some gentle bullying – I mean, nudging – to convince Emily to call, but it went to voicemail. Feeling brave, Aria left a message, but more on that phone number later.

Jason, who somehow became even hotter than before, showed back up in Rosewood and was roped into helping out with the lock-in. I could write line after line about his perky, glowing hair, but I won’t. If you saw it, you know what I mean. 

The first game played involved Emily’s group taking a step forward every time a sentence was read from a card and they thought it was true. This led to her giving a speech about how terrible the school is. How creepy was it when the principal pulled her aside and told her she wasn’t a saint? Hello, uh-oh feeling. Aria and Caleb were grouped along with Jenna, who refused to take part it in any game because she’s always been bullied. Caleb amazingly schooled her on what an awful person she is to the others. Oh, how I love this boy. Meanwhile, Hanna’s group passed a ball around to speak their side and Noel went off on how secretive and mean girls can be. She should have hit him in the face with the ball before storming out, but that would have led to even more trouble for her.

Once the games ended, the groups parted. Emily apologized to Mona for standing by when Ali bullied her. Though she didn’t let Emily know it, the apology meant a lot and she decided to get Emily back on the swim team. During her friendless days, Mona worked in the office and was privy to all kinds of school secrets. It didn’t take long for her to show Emily that the principal was taking bribes from boys’ parents to keep them on the team. I want Emily be on the swim team and her principal clearly has it out for her, but blackmail is not the answer. A will find out. A will use this against her. And Emily will be back at square one.

Spencer was busying trying to figure what the issue was with Jason, who had sought out her mother and was demanding truths. A flashback later, Spencer realized that Ali had told her years ago that Jason was her brother. She just didn’t pay attention to it. Apparently, Melissa and Jason made out once when he drove her home. It’s a good thing Melissa’s parents busted them. She went straight to Jason and then her mother, who didn’t understand why she was so upset. Who wouldn’t be happy to inherit a hot brother with amazing hair, Spencer? I can’t wait for the confrontation with her father.

Hanna caught Kate changing her sweater and noticed a birthmark that was not in the picture circulating around school. It didn’t take long for Hanna to go straight to Kate, who admitted it while Aria and Emily recorded it. Too bad Kate didn’t try and play nicely.

Once Kate was ousted, Aria went to find Caleb and passed Holden along the way. Between the bruises and the pills she saw him drop earlier in the episode, she’s avoiding him. Anyone else think he’s being abused by his appearing to be perfectly, but totally not father? Aria’s search led her to the roof, where she became locked out as someone in a hoodie snuck around behind her. She found a ladder and tried to climb up it to escape as Noel grabbed her foot. Instant panic set in, but she didn’t have much time to freak out before Holden delivered a serious karate kick and left Noel on the ground. Who knew he was also a ninja?

Now back to that phone number from earlier… The girls called the number again during the lock-in, but a woman told them not to call back. Then later that night their call was returned. It was a male voice asking to meet up. Emily agreed to do it.

And now I’m scared for them all over again. Girls, please bring protection in the form of bodyguards, pepper spray, and baseball bats. You definitely want to be prepared for whatever is coming your way.

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