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The Lying Game Recap: "Reservations for Two"


Alex Chando and Blair Redford

Secrets are revealed as more questions remain unanswered in the episode “Reservations for Two”.

Recap: Emma and Sutton swapped places again. Sutton and Ethan were the last people to see Derek alive before he was murdered. This forced Ethan to leave town and Sutton went with him, leaving Emma back in the Mercer house. Laurel began seeing Justin in secret and Rebecca eyed engagement rings for Alec.

On the Run

Ethan took Sutton to the last place anyone expected – his father’s horse ranch, where they received a cold welcome. Sutton attempted to turn the trip into a Bonnie andClydeadventure, but Ethan cut her short and reminded her why they ran away. The police showed up looking for Ethan, but his father swore he hadn’t seen them and they took his word for it and left.

Derek’s murder isn’t the only thing haunting Ethan as his past with his parents is revealed during an awkward dinner with his father. His mother left shortly after Ethan went to a juvenile detention center for the first time and his father still blames him. Ethan’s pent-up heartache was evident as he confessed how difficult it was to see Sutton with a great family that loves her while he has a broken relationship with both his parents. It was nice that Sutton tried to comfort him, but every time she gets to close to Ethan or gazes at him too long, it comes across as if she’s hitting on him.

Who killed Derek?

It’s becoming increasingly obvious to the adults that Emma has no idea what happened the night Derek was murdered. She’s getting closer and closer to blowing her cover, which is mostly Sutton’s fault for failing to inform her on what had been going on. Emma stammered her way through questioning with a police officer. Then Alec pointed out that she was lying because she kept looking to the right when she answered questions. Apparently a true memory is accessed to the left. Who knew? Later, Ted and Kristin were sure she was at home. Alec said it was a case of someone being in the wrong person at the wrong time, but unfortunately he was off. It’s a case of the same face being in two places at once.

At Derek’s funeral, Alec talked to Emma, purposely trying to trip her up on the details of the night Derek died. He told her that he didn’t believe Ethan did it and that she should try and get him to come home.

The Night of Laurel’s Concert

Laurelis officially in a band despite her boyfriend’s obvious jealousy of her new musical relationship. Justin is seriously going to lose it at some point during this season. It wasn’t Ted confronting him for coming that caused Justin to leave. It was that gaze that passed between Laurel and her band mate. She blew him off later to go for pancakes with the band, but managed to make it up to Justin the next morning when she practically jumped his bones.

Emma asked Thayer for help with Mads at the concert. Instead, he made things worse by asking Mads about Ryan and the Black and White Ball, which prompted Mads to ask her boyfriend what happened. She was understandably upset when he said Sutton hit on him and wanted nothing to do with Emma.

Meanwhile, Alec spent the night with Rebecca, unaware that she’s trying to wrap him around her finger just like he is her. When he talked to Ted about their relationship the next morning, it reeked of Alec already falling for her while she’s just using him. Or maybe Alec is in more control of his feelings than I give him credit for. Does Alec see his relationship as a way to keep the past with Rebecca hidden? And does Rebecca see it as a way to uncover their past secrets? I’m starting to think these two may be the ones to watch.

I assume the biggest moment in the episode was supposed to be when Emma admitted that she was Sutton Mercer’s twin sister, a confession that falls short considering it won’t have much of an effect. So what if Mads knows? She may be hurt that she didn’t know the truth, but she’ll be in on the secret with her brother and Emma and become the newest member of their Scooby Gang. Then again, the more people who know the secret, the more likely it is to come out. So here’s hoping that comes out sooner rather than later! 

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