DAYS Previews: Week of February 6

A blacked out, drunken Austin is tricked into believing a lie by Abigail.


A blacked out, drunken Austin is tricked into believing a lie. Nicole tries to get Lexie to turn on Abe. Abigail and Melanie make up. John and Hope learn the secret in the envelope concerns their former relationship. Brady takes his relationship with Madison to the next level. Sami kicks Rafe out of the loft.

Monday – Jennifer tells a lie that could sway the election. An unusually timid Stefano worries about the contents of an envelope. Carrie and Rafe’s kiss has major consequences.

Tuesday – Carrie seeks support from Marlena. A drunk and upset Austin turns to Abigail, who has an agenda all her own. Sami takes out her guilt on Rafe. Hope gets shocking news.

Wednesday – Rafe and Carrie contemplate cutting all personal and professional ties with one another. John learns the secret in the envelope concerns his former relationship with Hope. Abigail fails to correct Austin’s assumption that they slept together.

Thursday – Brady asks Madison an important question that leaves a bitter taste in Nicole’s mouth. Madison finds a surprise in her hotel room. The individuals affected by the secret marriage confront Stefano.

Friday – Madison’s past returns to haunt her when her former foil (Ian Buchanan) shows up in Salem. Hope and John realize they must travel to a familiar place (Alamania) to change their history. Sami continues to hide her past misdeeds.