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Hart of Dixie Recap: "Heart to Hart"


This week’s Hart of Dixie episode, appropriately titled, “Heart to Hart,” began with Zoe anxiously staring at her computer as she watched a blinking red dot that represented her father’s flight from New York to Alabama.

Zoe admitted that she’d been watching the plane’s progress since Delaware and she was prepared to meet her father with a cold expression and an air of indifference and once he operated on George’s dad, she planned to let him have it for basically ignoring her existence even though she’d begged him to get in touch with her for months. But would she go through with it?

In my personal favorite scene of the night, Zoe strode into the Rammer Jammer and told Wade she needed a cup of coffee to keep her mean. He teased her about it not being in his best interests for her to be mean and she assured him that all her anger was directed at her father. Wade pointed out that it had been years since her father had abandoned her and Zoe insisted that she was still mad about it especially since he had moved back to New York without telling her. Wade was obviously amused by Zoe and she reiterated that she was going to stay mad and then promptly left without paying for her coffee. Seriously, the chemistry between these two is off the charts. I just wish the show’s producer would see it.

As predicted, Zoe’s anger was short-lived because as soon as her father got to the hospital, he asked Zoe to scrub in with him to perform the surgery. Unfortunately for me, and the majority of people in my Twitter timeline, this also began the point in the episode where the viewers were once again subjected to the great love that is George and Zoe. You know the one that has never once been shown onscreen and is completely nonexistent and lacking in chemistry? Anyway, Zoe’s dad was confused as to why he was in Alabama operating on the father of someone she was just friends with and Zoe got a little flustered, which told Ethan everything he needed to know.

The surgery was a success and George was incredibly grateful, which was nice, except for the part right before when he’d once again blamed Lemon for his father’s heart condition. I really don’t understand how we’re supposed to root for this character as a love interest for Zoe or Lemon. But whatever, Lemon loves him and she’s worried that Zoe knows about her affair with Lavon so she decided to enlist her friend Cricket’s help in her latest scheme to bring down Zoe. Cricket’s suggestions included water boarding and something involving a sanitary napkin that Lemon wanted no part of. She decided that instead of ruining Zoe, she was going to become her new best friend. Lemon apologized to George for being mean to Zoe and asked him to invite Zoe and her father over for dinner.

Meanwhile, after they’d operated, Zoe and her dad had returned to her house and they were planning dinner. Ethan wanted a tour of Bluebell, but Zoe wasn’t up for it. Things were tense and Ethan explained that he still wanted to be a part of Zoe’s life. He pointed out that they were both doctors and they could be colleagues or even friends. He told Zoe that she could call him Ethan. It was a huge slap in the face and she was clearly hurt, but she went with it, figuring a friendship with her dad was better than no relationship with her dad. There was another awkward moment when Ethan found the form she had filled out to change her name, but once again, he acted like it was no big deal as long as she kept the “Dr.” part. George arrived and Zoe gratefully accepted the dinner invitation.

Lemon was hilariously preparing a meal that consisted of random food that she thought a New Yorker would like. She also had a plan that she needed her father’s help with, but Brick had to go and deliver babies. Ethan and George talked and Ethan questioned him about his relationship with Zoe which led to me rolling my eyes and then Ethan confronted Zoe, telling her that he didn’t want to see her get hurt which she was clearly going to because she had feelings for a man who was going to marry someone else. Zoe finally broke down and let him have it, reminding him that he didn’t want to be her dad and he’d ruined her to the point that she had no idea how to have a real relationship with a man. She told Ethan to go back to New York because she didn’t want to be his friend as George and Lemon looked on awkwardly.

Zoe asked Lemon to give her a tour and when Lemon tried to invite Zoe to the wedding, Zoe pointed out that she wanted to be there as much as Lemon wanted her there. (I really wish the show would give us more scenes of these two together. The actresses feed off each other and always hit the right notes, injecting humor in between the emotional scenes). Zoe told Lemon that she knew what she was doing and she assured her that she wasn’t going to say anything to George, but she wasn’t doing it for her, she was doing it for Lavon.

Speaking of Lavon, he was getting drunk at the Rammer Jammer since the bar’s owner was in town and had decided to sponsor a contest between the bartenders to invent a new signature drink. Wade had impressed Lavon with his mixing abilities, but he balked when Lavon suggested that he should consider opening his own place. Shelly ended up winning the contest, but Wade took it well. However, when he made a drink for Zoe and Lavon took a sip, he realized that Wade had thrown the contest on purpose. He admitted that he did want to open his own bar and he wasn’t going to give away his secrets to the competition. Wade is growing more and more each episode and he continues to be the best part of this show.

Zoe returned home to find Ethan waiting for her. He admitted that he’d been angry at Zoe’s mother and angry at Zoe herself even though he knew none of this was her fault. He told her that it had hurt him to look at her (ouch!) but he was sorry and he wanted to be her dad again. Zoe tearfully told him that he’d never stopped being her dad and it was a really sweet moment.

Lemon and George decided they were going to end their night at the Rammer Jammer too and after George apologized to Lemon, he said she should go have a drink without him and he was going to go visit his dad. As Lemon headed for the bar, Lavon was coming out and he told her that she was right. He’d told Zoe the truth because he wanted her to tell George. Then Lavon grabbed Lemon and kissed her just as George changed his mind and headed for the bar! My jaw dropped a little because I was not expecting George to find out this fast. But a car was coming and by the time it passed, Lemon and Lavon had gone their separate ways and George was left standing there, obviously trying to figure out if what he saw was real.

So what’s next? The previews for next week showed us glimpses of bachelor and bachelorette parties, which makes it seem like the wedding is still on. Will George be in denial? Or will Lemon talk her way out of it? Also, in case you didn’t hear me squealing, next week brings Justin Hartley to the show as another possible love interest for Zoe. What are you most looking forward to in Bluebell? Sound off below. 

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  1. This review was spot on, I loved it. And my favorite part was also when she went in for coffee haha and the Lavon and Wade scenes. Their bromance is so awesome. Great review! :)

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