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Vampire Diaries Recap: Top 5 OMFG Moments From "Do Not Go Gentle"


It’s that time again; another disastrous dance at Mystic Falls High School. This year’s theme is the roarin’ 20’s, and boy, were things a little crazy tonight. As with all dances, there was the typical drama. Who will bring who? Who will dance with who? Who will be insanely jealous? Who will get caught making out? Who will be crying at the end of the night?

Well, Bonnie brought Jamie, a normal, non-paranormal guy. Judging from the way she jumped his bones when they were alone, I’d say she’s super hot for him. Caroline came alone, but ended up dancing with Tyler and Klaus, both of whom are equally jealous.Tyler is so jealous that he’s willing to let Klaus die, so she can be free of his sexy accent and beautiful sketches – I mean, so she’ll be safe from him for all eternity.

Klaus is jealous that Caroline favors Tyler and took a moment to point out how one day she would show up on his doorstep, ready to let him show her the world because a small town boy meant a small town life. Burn. Elena asked Stefan, who doesn’t know that Damon pillar humped her. Stefan also shared a bromance moment with Klaus who was anxious to recall their days in the real roarin’ 20’s, but Stefan wasn’t having it. Jeremy and Matt were alone as was Damon. None of them brooded on the edge of the dance floor, but that’s probably because a lot of craziness prevented that from happening.

So here we go!

5. Esther’s insane plan.

With KillerRic under her thumb, Esther planned on creating the most epic vampire hunter to ever live a la her late husband, Mikael. To do so, she kidnapped Elena from the dance and trapped all the vampires there with a binding spell. Using Ric’s ring, the last white oak stake, and Elena’s blood, she made a witchy brew, which KillerRic promptly drank. Then she killed him so that when he came back, he would be indestructible and kill every vampire that lived.

4. Epic Stelena moment #3,405.

After all the chaos (moments 3, 2, and 1) from Esther’s planned died down, Stefan escorted Elena back to the gymnasium. He reminded her of how they were in the gym when Klaus told him to turn his feelings for Elena off and how she told him over and over that it was afraid to feel. Emotions make a person human and keep them from losing hope. Devastated from the night’s events, Elena confessed her fears about being alone and not having anyone, but Stefan pointed out that he had her. And just like that, Elena was sobbing in his arms (We’ll see if Stefan feels the same way when he finds out about the pillar humping).

3. Evil Klaus is back!

Elena wasn’t the only one sent reeling from the dance. The emo, artistic, soft spoken Klaus that has graced us with his presents for the past few episodes is now gone. With Esther back in her coffin, Klaus vowed to spend eternity haunting her by living and promised to build an army that would take her down should she ever dare come back. It was chilling and a stark reminder that we are dealing with the oldest, meanest vampire in the history of vampires. Maybe it’s time that Caroline started sucking up to him a bit.

2. Alaric dies and Mystic Falls and its paranormal inhabitants will never be the same.

After Esther killed Alaric – does anyone know how many times he’s died now?! – he came back as himself. You know, the normal, sweet history teacher with a heart of gold who loves Elena and Jeremy as if they were in his own kids. It was in that right mindset Ric came to terms with the fact that he couldn’t complete the transition. He had to die. Jeremy was upset, but they hugged and said goodbye. Elena was also upset, but they hugged and said goodbye too. Alaric told her that caring for her and Jeremy was the closest he’s ever come to living the life he wanted. And tears welled up in every viewers eyes.

Alaric walked Elena to the door of the tomb and found everyone waiting outside, long-faced and leaning up against tombstones, stricken with the fact that their beloved Alaric was going to die. Did anyone else notice the especially heavy frown on Damon’s face? It was a beautiful scene that gave me goosebumps and started the ugly crying immediately.

Damon and Meredith stayed behind at the cemetery. She gave him a sedative so he could go comfortably and suggested Damon sit beside him until he passed. With a bottle of bourbon in hand, Damon set next to Alaric, apologizing for killing him twice. Alaric cried. Damon frowned and kept drinking. And viewers everywhere sobbed as his eyes closed and he slipped away.

1. Just kidding! Alaric lives! 

After the dance, Bonnie went home with Jamie and the two snuggled up and fell asleep. In a dream Esther told Bonnie she had to finish what her sisters started.

Next thing we know, Bonnie is witch-trance walking her way through the cemetery, taking Damon down along the way. Inside the tomb, she cuts her hand and feeds Alaric her blood.

Boom. Alaric is back.

Except now he’s a bad ass vampire hunting vampire. Whoa.

Although I must say that it’s not that surprising of a twist. Alaric dies over and over and over and lives. The surprising thing would be for him to actually die, which is what I totally thought was happening here – hence my hysterical emotions and ugly crying. Now that he’s alive, I can’t tell if I’m disappointed by this or not. Are you? What was your reaction? And more importantly, do you think Ric will survive the rest of the season? Perhaps this almost real death was a glimpse of what is to come. Needless to say things are about to get very, very intense inMysticFalls. 

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