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General Hospital Previews: Week of April 30


Jen Lilley

Maxie pleads with Spinelli; Ronnie turns the tables on Dante.


Connie discovers Kate’s office safe but is interrupted by her cousin, Olivia. Connie goes head to head with Carly in the lobby of the Metro Court hotel…and then tries to make a run for it. Carly sneaks a peek at Kate’s medical file and pays Johnny a visit.

Sam and Carly have a rare bonding moment. After questioning Jason about whether he can love her baby as his own, Sam runs into McBain. Later, Sam finds herself in trouble when she decides to play detective in a motel room.


Delores agrees to help Dante. While working together on the case, Dante and McBain discover clues in a motel room that just may help them. Why do they end up at the Haunted Star?

After an emotional Starr pays him a visit, Johnny drops a bomb on Michael about her.

Heather hears Maggie talking about someone being crazy and assumes she’s talking about her. This can’t end well.

What big surprise does Maxie get?

Olivia looks to Kate for help in hiring a lawyer for Steve on Monday, April 30.

What is Heather up to with Maggie on Tuesday, May 1?

A surprise visitor steals something important from Johnny on Wednesday, May 2.

Dante and McBain work together on Thursday, May 3.

Where does Starr take Sonny on Friday, May 4?


Why is Sam at General Hospital? Kate reaches out to Olivia in her own way. Felicia visits Mac. Heather has another crazy moment. Look out Port Charles…here comes Llanview!

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  1. Plus I worry about writers/producers that would be swayed by fan girls tweets, soap sites, etc.. If the storyline dictates a character should be killed off like Johnny’s character then it should be that way.  The Mob would have killed Johnny off for what he has done,  no doubt about it.  Valentini and Carlivati are more of the same anyways, making the mob people the heroes and the doctors and cops the zeros.  Case in point Sonny, Jason, and Spinelli are always the heroes while everybody else on the show are made to look bad.  I think people are sick of it too.

  2. I think Valentini and Carlivati need to be fired too. Them coming on Twitter and fan girling it up about so-called insiders saying Johnny/BB is out is a sign WEAKNESS.  Are they that worried about losing viewers or their jobs? Plus their twitter tweets clearly defines their favoritism with certain characters.  I don’t think they are capable of helming this soap.

  3. General Hospital is the new daytime “Friends” the show about nothing. The same six people on everyday saying the same thing over and over and going nowhere.  Same recycled boring storylines, same conversations. Not one compelling storyline or watchable couple.  I expected better but more of the same crap. I’ve had enough.

  4. Fire Ron and Frank!! They’ve turned my favorite characters Johnny into a monster and have made Matt into a killer!  They are sweetie pies and deserve better than this garbage!

  5. GH Performance Of The Week —  The Cake

    Such layers and depth in that scene –  Wow!

    GH sucks for what they are doing to Dr. Matt… the only likeable character on this show!

  6. Ron Carlivati is the Medusa of General Hospital.   He writes and leaves us petrified.

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