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Breaking Point Recap: S2 – Episode 5: Sucker Punch


The last time Breaking Point was covered, we were watching the fallout of Imani faking a rape and people chatting in strip clubs. The fifth episode of the show just aired, and it was pretty darn good.

In this ep, we had Dana and her partner whose name I still don’t know interrogating a deaf boy with an attitude. When everything ended, the partner was gone and Dana was unconscious on the ground after being attacked.

Lynette was still trying to guilt trip Ben into taking care of her kid. Normally, I have all kinds of sympathy for single mothers, but Lynette irks me. She’d agreed with Ben to give the kid up for adoption, he signed away his rights, and then she raised the baby into a teenager by herself without telling him and now wants to judge him for being an absent father. And I hate her for it.

Crystal was out shopping with her ex whom she’d already hired to redecorate before they split up. They had an interesting conversation over poorly dubbed audio about how Crystal never explained to her daughter Aja just how Tory had fit into her life when they were together. It was nicely written and acted and would’ve been the best scene if the lip syncing had matched.

There was no Imani, and the only part of the Gabby storyline scene was her husband Dennis exercising in the park with a friend. Sure, Dennis got frustrated and attacked said friend when he lost, and it was a nice moment helping to further characterization. There was just little plot advancement in that story.

That remains my biggest problem with Breaking Point, a series I love. Outside of the Imani story, the show can’t really do characterization and plot advancement in the same scenes. It has to do one or the other. It’s a small nitpick, because it’s usually well written, but it does bug me. Still, it’s a good show and you can always check it out at!

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