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Hart of Dixie Season Finale Recap: "The Big Day"


The season finale of Hart of Dixie, “The Big Day,” centered on Lemon and George’s wedding day and the show’s writer and producer promised the viewers that there would be a lot of big things happening in the episode.

The episode definitely provided some big shakeups that will affect the characters in season two. (Cheers to the CW for renewing this show! As much as I complain, I would have missed it). Anyway, the episode started with what was obviously a dream sequence. George was marrying Lemon, but he was also marrying Zoe. Then Lavon showed up and I guess it was going to be a group event. (Do they allow that in Alabama)? George woke up freaking out over the weirdness and then Lemon called with some last minute items that she needed him to take care of. George said he was excited about getting married, but the look on his face seemed more like he was contemplating throwing up.

As mayor, Lavon was overseeing wedding preparations in the town square, which was obviously awkward since he had an affair with the bride and the groom punched him a few episodes ago. Tom warned Lavon that his knee was twitching and that was basically the first sign that a massive storm was about to blow into town. (Scoff if you will, but the bone I broke in my finger when I was 12 still aches every time there’s going to be a thunderstorm). But it wasn’t just Tom’s knee, something was up with the animals and Lavon told George that they had to postpone the wedding. George wasn’t buying it and accused Lavon of trying to ruin his big day. Lavon tried to reason with him and when that didn’t work, he used his authority as mayor to revoke the wedding permit. George showed up furious, but then, as predicted, the massive storm blew in so he couldn’t really fault Lavon for that.

Lemon wasn’t exactly having the best wedding morning either. She woke up with a blemish on her chin and a houseful of bridesmaids who were more interested in talking about Annabeth’s newly single status than Lemon’s wedding. The women suggested Annabeth get up close and personal with Lavon and even Magnolia had a raunchy (hilarious) comment to add to Lemon’s nightmare. Then the unthinkable happened and someone spilled coffee on Lemon’s wedding dress. She barely had time to freak out about that before she was at the window screaming as lightning flashed through the sky.

Meanwhile, Zoe had her own coffee incident when her new coffeemaker shorted out the fuse box she shares with Wade. He was not happy with her and her attempts to get him to forgive her were not well received. Wade told her that he hated her and dumped out the coffee she’d given him. (Ouch, but a deserved ouch. Zoe has been terrible to Wade). Zoe had a moment with George before the wedding plans went crazy and she picked up on his nerves. Lavon managed to talk her down and convinced her to leave town until the wedding was over to make sure she didn’t do something insane like object. Zoe took his advice and his car, but her plans changed when Lavon called her and asked her to pick up Wade, whose car had broken down outside of town.

Wade was less than thrilled to see Zoe despite her singing in an effort to make him smile. He got in the car with her, but the storm forced them off the road and they took shelter in a barn with some goats. (I’m not going to go on and on about Wade in his rain soaked white shirt. But go ahead and picture it). Zoe’s shirt was soaked too and when Wade told her that he could see through it, she asked if that would help make things better and he said no. Zoe decided to go back to the car to get some candy and in the process let a baby goat escape from the barn into the storm. Wade was not impressed and ordered her to sit there silently, but Zoe told him that she knew he liked her. Wade walked out on her.

Zoe assumed Wade had left her there, but he returned to give her a piece of his mind. He told her that he was just confused and the only reason he’d thought he’d had feelings for her was because she had refused to have sex with him. Zoe thought that was ridiculous, but Wade told her they needed to get the sexual tension out. Zoe was considering it and the two nearly kissed when they heard the goat outside. The moment was broken and they headed into the rain to rescue the baby goat from a barbed wire pen it gotten trapped in. Zoe’s shoulder got cut on the wire and Wade took off his shirt (win!) to help lift up the wire. They brought the goat back to the barn and Wade patched up Zoe’s shoulder.

Back in Bluebell, Lavon reminded George that he was the mayor and George was the town lawyer and they were going to be dealing with each other for the rest of their lives, so they needed to work together. George accepted this, shaking Lavon’s hand and agreeing to move the wedding to the old firehouse. The entire town showed up to help with the wedding preparations and it was one of those moments that make this show so much fun. But the firehouse wasn’t holding up well in the storm and the tables were ruined and then the cake and George was slowly melting down. Lavon had let it slip that Zoe was staying in Bluebell and George ended up in the rain in his tux, insisting that he and Lemon had to get married that day. Lavon, being the most awesome person ever, actually offered George comfort as he broke down and said he wished someone had told him sooner that Zoe was staying because that changed things.

Lemon and Annabeth had a long talk and it was a sweet friendship moment for them. They were both in different places, but they wanted the best for each other. (Can I request Annabeth for series regular next season, please)? Lemon was having some last minute jitters about her dress, but Brick showed up and the two had an awesome moment where he assured his daughter that she was a beautiful bride and they agreed that it was fine that her mother wasn’t there to see it because they were both better off without her. (Team Breeland)!

In the barn, Zoe finally admitted that she’d thought about what it would be like to have sex with Wade, but she didn’t see the point since they were so different. Wade laughed and told her that he wasn’t asking her to marry him, but there was something between them that they needed to explore. Zoe was finally onboard and they shared a kiss, just as a cop showed up to drive them back to town. (Curses)! But Wade and Zoe exchanged some cute looks and smiles the entire way home and then they retreated to their separate houses. Wade was getting ready for the wedding (Wade in a suit, people!) and Zoe decided to blow the fuse on purpose by turning on her coffeemaker again. This time, instead of shouting, Wade had a big smile on his face when the lights went out at his place.

As Lemon and Brick prepared to leave for the firehouse, George showed up, asking for a moment with his fiancée. He told Lemon that he’s loved her for a long time, but when he went to New York, something inside him changed and he saw a different life. He pointed out that she turned to Lavon and he turned to Zoe and he can’t marry her if he’s falling in love with someone else. Lemon’s response was to punch him in the face and it was awesome. (Team Lemon)!

Wade showed up on Zoe’s doorstep in his suit and the two did not hesitate to promptly remove it as they started kissing and in an incredibly hot scene that had all the fangirls falling on the floor, Wade pinned Zoe up against the wall and then they were in her bed and then they were on the floor…you get my drift, I’m sure. It was awesome. Afterward, the two were cuddling and being adorable and Wade suggested they get some food and do it again. But then there was a knock on the door and guess what? It was George.

He’d come to tell Zoe that he had feelings for her and he’d left Lemon and then he kissed her and promised to call her the next day since they had a lot to talk about. Zoe basically said nothing and stood there staring until George left. She still looked shell shocked when she went back to her bedroom where Wade was lying in her bed and greeted her with a smile and a simple, “hey” while Zoe stood there looking uncertain and confused.

I can’t say I loved the ending, but I wasn’t surprised by it. If I were Zoe, I wouldn’t have answered the door in the first place, but I digress. We’ve got several season finale cliffhangers on our hands. What’s Zoe going to do next? How will Wade react when he finds out it was George at the door? How’s George going to react when he finds out about Zoe and Wade? What’s Lemon going to do next? Is there hope for Lemon and Lavon? Can Jesse come back even though Justin Hartley has his own show now? So many questions and now we have several months of waiting for answers.

Did you like the finale? What would you like to see next? Sound off below.

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