IMPACT Wrestling ReVIEW: July 5 Edition


This week’s Impact Wrestling kicked off with Bully Ray coming out to the ring and making a huge announcement, which was he was going LIVE on Twitter and that garnered a lot of boos from the audience in the Impact Zone.

After the announcement he called out Joseph Park, who last week came out to the ring during Bully Ray’s match and slapped Bully Ray. Park issued a challenge to Bully Ray to a match on Impact, next week. Park came out to the ring and stated again he was not afraid of Bully Ray and it was time that Ray’s bullying came to an end. Bully Ray accepted Park’s challenge and told him it would be an ‘anything goes’ match, which Park agreed with. Bully Ray proceeded to show Park a restraining order against Park’s brother Abyss. If Abyss came anywhere near the arena next week, he’d be arrested. After handing the papers to Park, Bully went to leave the ring, but before he did, he hit Park from behind, knocking Park to the mat.

As stipulated in the agreement with Aries and Hogan, Aries was to turn over his X Division title before the match at Destination X for the Heavy Weight title against Roode. Aries thinking he’d keep the X Division title until Sunday, but Hogan wanted him to turn it over before the end of the show.

Because of the X Division tournament, Hogan had put the Television title weekly defense on hold, and last night was the first time in a couple weeks it was defended by the champion, Devon. Devon faced Crimson for the TV title and it was Devon who was victorious to retain his belt. After the match, Madison Rayne came down to the ring and planted a kiss on referee Earl Hebner, revealing he was the man she has been crushing on for weeks.

Chris Sabine, who was injured a few weeks ago in a match, hobbled out to the ring with a brace on his left knee. As he explained to the crowd that his family and doctors believe he should hang up his wrestling boots, Bobby Roode emerged and interrupted. Roode calling Sabine and the X Division wrestlers pathetic and how Aries was not going to beat him on Sunday for the title. Roode proceeded to attack Sabine’s left knee taking him down to the mat. Austin Aries rushed out to the ring and saved Sabine from Roode, who quickly exited the ring when Aries arrived.

The X Division tournament continued this week with Dakota Darsow, son of Barry Darsow, faced Flip Cassanova for a spot in the X Division match on Sunday at Destination X. Darsow tried to keep the high flyer Cassanova grounded, but to no avail. It was Flip who came out on top and pinned Darsow to earn his spot.

TNA Knockouts had a tag team match with Gail Kim and Madison Rayne taking on Tara and Miss Tessmacher, the Knockout champion. Kim was suppose to have a championship match with Miss Tessmacher, but apparently Kim called in her lawyers and the match was postponed. Kim and Madison didn’t fair too well in the tag team match, when Tara gave Madison the Widow’s Peak and allowed Miss Tessmacher to get the pin and the win.

Last week, AJ Styles and Kurt Angle lost the tag team championship belts to Kazarian and Christopher Daniels, and it was Daniels who then accused AJ Styles of being the father of Claire Lynch’s unborn child. This week, AJ came out to the ring to dispute the allegations against him. Kaz and Daniels emerged and interrupted AJ saying they have proof which AJ laughed at. AJ then claimed that this all started last year at Destination X when he beat Daniels and Daniels is jealous because of it. AJ says he’s going to beat him again this Sunday at Destination X in a Last Man Standing match.

During an interview with Hogan regarding Austin Aries and the X Division title, Hogan was handed an envelope from a mystery man. The man claimed ‘they’ were not afraid of Hogan and he would find out soon enough who ‘they’ were. Inside the envelope was a piece of paper showing a hand of playing cards, a pair of Ace’s, a pair of 8’s and unknown card. For those who don’t know, that hand of playing cards is what they call ‘The Deadman’s Hand’. It also included a message that Hogan would see them next week.

The X Division matches continued with Kenny King facing Lars Only. It was Kenny King who earned his spot when he pinned Lars Only.

As promised by Hogan last week, the main event of the night was James Storm facing Jeff Hardy in a Bound for Glory series match. This main event did not disappoint, as it was the best match of the night. Both Hardy and Storm pulling out all the stops and attempting their finishing moves numerous times throughout the match. It was the Twist of Fate by Hardy that finally put Storm out. Hardy gained 7 points in the Bound for Glory series pushing him up to 3rd place, with 14 points. Storm still holds the lead with 36 points.

The big announcement was also made regarding the Bound for Glory pay per view. The big event will be held at the Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, AZ on Sunday October 14th.

The show closed with Hogan coming out to the ring expecting Aries to hand over the X Division title, but was surprised when Bobby Roode showed up instead. Roode, again, whined about his match with Aries on Sunday and telling Hogan it will be his fault when all fails and Aries loses the match leaving Aries with nothing. Aries came out to the ring and confronted Roode and wanting to start their match right there and now. Roode playing like he would take on Aries quickly turned and said Aries wasn’t worth his time. Roode attempted to knock out Aries with the Heavy Weight title but missed, but Aries came back and connected to Roode’s head with the X Division belt, throwing Roode out of the ring through the ropes. Hogan standing by against the corner of the ring watching Roode and Aries go at each other and looking quite pleased with himself.

Be sure to tune in this Sunday for TNA’s next big pay per view, Destination X, which will spotlight TNA’s X Division.

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