IMPACT Wrestling ReVIEW: June 28 Edition


It’s a few days until the Destination X pay-per-view, and last Thursday’s LIVE Impact kicked off an X Division Tournament to crown a new X Division champion. The tournament will be taking place at Destination X and there will be three matches taking place to find the competitors for the championship match, two of those matches were scheduled for last night’s LIVE Impact.

Throughout the evening, Claire Lynch told her side of the story regarding Kaz & Daniels and the truth behind Dixie & AJ helping her turn her life around. She said Daniels had misconstrued and manipulated everyone into thinking that AJ and Dixie were having a secret affair, and the truth was that Dixe and AJ helped her beat her addictions. There was no affair and the proof that Daniels had showed to the world was not all that it seemed to be.

The show kicked off with a Bound for Glory match with Mr. Anderson vs. RVD. After several attempts at a pin with both men, it was RVD who came out on top by gaining 7 points with a pinfall on Anderson.

The X Division champion, Austin Aries came out to the ring and boasted about the X Division and how he was given the opportunity to face Bobby Roode at Destination X for the World Heavy Weight Championship. Roode, not liking what he was hearing from Aries, came out to the ring to confront him. The two almost came to blows but it was Roode who backed off saying that Aries wasn’t worth his time and left the ring area with his World title raised high.

The first of the qualifying matches for a spot in the X Division tournament faced off Rubix and Sonjay Dutt. At the end of the fast paced and high flying match, it was Sonjay Dutt who earned his spot in the tournament by pinning Rubix.

The Gut Check judges were introduced and a decision had been made about Taeler Hendrix, who faced Tara last week for a contract as a TNA Knockout. Taz, Al Snow and Bruce Pritchard made the decision to give Taeler a contract, though not unanimous in their decision, Taeler will be the first female to gain a TNA contract from the newly implemented Gut Check series.

Bully Ray and Samoe Joe faced off in a Bound for Glory match up, but the match was disrupted by Joseph Park who came out to the ring and distracted Bully Ray. Park slapping Bully gave the advantage to Samoe Joe who picked up 10 points in the Bound for Glory series. After the match, Park challenged Bully Ray to a match in 2 weeks, saying that he will be bringing the fight to Bully and for him to be ready to fight.

Brooke Hogan displayed a new Direct Auto Insurance campaign featuring the TNA Knockouts champion, Miss Tessmacher. Gail Kim though was not pleased with Brooke’s leadership of the division and wanted her re-match for the Knockout title. Brooke made the match for next week on LIVE Impact and telling Kim she better be focused and ready for Miss Tessmacher.

Rashad Cameron faced Mason Andrews for a spot in the X Division tournament, and it was Rashad who advanced by pinning Mason Andrews.

Hulk Hogan met with Jeff Hardy and James Storm regarding their position and physical condition, and telling them they would be in a Bound for Glory match up, next week on LIVE Impact as its main event.

The main event of the evening was a Tag Team Championship match between Angle & Styles and Kazarian & Christopher Daniels. It seemed Angle & Styles were working on the same page and were focused on the match, whereas Kaz and Daniels, were not. Tension between the two was apparent throughout the match and it was obvious Kaz had issues with Daniels regarding the Dixie & AJ drama. After a grueling match, it was Angle who collided with the referee, taking both out and down to the floor, and a metal chair being introduced that ultimately won the match for Daniels and Kaz. New tag team champions were crowned but Daniels wasn’t finished yet. After the match was over, Daniels claimed that the daddy of Claire’s unborn child was none other than AJ Styles.


After the cluster F of last week’s reveal, a ‘who’s the Daddy’ angle is the best these writers can come up with? Really? Lord, this storyline has turned into a mess and a half! Not sure where this is all going, but I would of rather seen it scrapped then to be exposed to a who’s the daddy story. I’ll say it again, this is like watching a bad soap opera. Pretty soon we’ll find out that Claire is Dixie’s long lost daughter!

Other than the Dixie/AJ mess, the show has been pretty decent. Some really great matches and I love the X Division; it’s probably my favorite part of the show.

I also hope the story with Sting doesn’t get lost in the background, but as long as Hogan keeps mentioning it, it should keep the story going for as long as it needs to, but there needs to be some action taken and soon. They can’t let it drag on and on, or viewers will certainly lose interest.

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