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Pretty Little Liars Recap: "Crazy"


Tonight’s episode title was fitting because, boy, did a lot of crazy go down in Rosewood.

From Ouija boards to car wrecks to insane asylums, tonight’s episode lived up to its name. Oh, Crazy, let me count your ways.

1. This one time Hanna and Mona played with a Ouija board…

So once upon a time after Alison was missing, Hanna and Mona played with a Ouija board and asked what happened to Alison. The board told them Alison was alive and then thunder and lightning struck and Hanna saw Alison standing outside her door. Convinced that Alison was alive, Hanna told Mrs. DiLaurentis that Ali was alive and then three days later they found her body. Mr. DiLaurentis forever hates her. Ouch.

2. Introducing Jason’s ex-girlfriend, CeCe Drake

The girls head to Emily’s café and overhear someone that instantly makes them think of Alison. Go figure the girl was talking about lying. As if that moment wasn’t creepy enough, they tell the girl that she reminds them of their dead friend. Awkward! The girl admits that she went through a couple of intense weeks of dating Jason and invites the girls to shoplift at her boutique, a clear jab at Hanna’s stealing antics. So now only is this girl’s hair perfectly curled, but it’s filled of Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna’s secrets.

Later, Spencer and Jason share inappropriate chemistry when she asks about CeCe and he shrugs it off by saying that everything is intense with CeCe. I try not to be bitter that Jason was ever with her because in my mind he is waiting for me.

By intense, I’m assuming Jason meant a little crazy. Emily’s been struggling with Nate’s newfound friendship with Jenna, which is valid given her history. CeCe picks up on her feelings, snags Jenna’s number, calls her up and tells her to stay away from her “boyfriend,” Nate. Emily is dumbfounded.

And it looks like Rosewood’s Alison 2.0 has arrived.

3. Jason’s Accident

Jason admits to Spencer that he’s reeling a bit from the discovery of the anklet and all that jazz. This leads to Jason no longer giving a damn, drinking heavily and then drinking. Luckily for him, he speeds past Spencer, who follows him to the scene of his accident and decides to get behind the wheel of his car and keep him from getting in trouble.

Spencer rushes home where Toby, the ever patient boyfriend she once accused of murder before they were lovers, is waiting for her. She needs a ride to her car and he’s all confused yet when the police show up to tell Spencer they found her car on the side of the road with the keys in it, door open, and lights on, Toby covers for her. This poor guy deserves so much better and given that A is going to seize the upper hand with this, I can’t help but wonder if Toby is going to follow Caleb out the door. Honestly, who could blame him?

4. Aria and Hanna breaking into Crazytown to see Mona

Aria visits Mona to ask for information on A, but her hovering nurse and Mona’s creepy ways don’t get her very far. Afterward, Hanna decides to sneak in and Aria is such a good friend that she decides to sneak in with her.

Inside, they get to Mona and Hanna explains what happened with the Ouija board and what she told Alison’s mother. They are so caught up in Hanna’s fantastic storytelling that they don’t realize Mona has disappeared. I guess the best place to lose a crazy person is in an asylum though.

They end up following Mona to the children’s ward where they see Mona used tweezers to pick the lots. They find Mona with a doll and she spits out a bunch of crazy nonsense like, “Miss Aria, you’re a killer, not Ezra’s wife,” and repeats it over and over – like the dolls we’ve seen so often on the show. It’s creepy and weird.

Later the girls come together and think really, really hard and Hanna realizes it was something Mona used to do to speak in code. She would say a sentence and take the first letter of every word to form a word. They decode most of what Mona said to figure out a website URL. The site has a picture of Mona and asks for a password. And they overlook that what she said about Aria not being Ezra’s wife is Mona’s code for, “Maya knew.” Dun, dun, dun!

That night at home Aria and Hanna are in Hanna’s room, unaware that a doll is beneath Hanna’s bed. At the asylum, A breaks open a doll’s head and reveals that Mona’s entire conversation with Hanna and Aria was recorded.

In short, a whole lot of ridiculous things went on and nothing was that crazy, unless by crazy you mean everything adds up to a whole lot of nothing as this show tends to do lately. All we do know is that everything that happened tonight will come back to bite the liars in their pretty little behinds.

I’ll let Jason say everything for me:

And on that note, I’ll see you next week!

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