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Pretty Little Liars Recap: "The Kahn Game"


The Kahn brothers' party may hold more answers for the girls than expected

It was a week of truths in Rosewood, but did they get us anywhere? Each of our liars was on a path to truth this week. Whether or not their journeys actually led them to a place of truth is debatable. Emily delved into her feelings for Maya behind Paige’s back. Hanna was tricked by Caleb, who posed as A. Aria learned more about Ezra’s past. And Spencer dug deeper into the night Alison’s grave was dug up when she played the Kahn game.

Let’s get Emily’s struggle over and done with. Because let’s face it, I don’t care. I don’t know if you care. I don’t know if anyone cares. And quite frankly all I care about is her not being on my screen. Hanna revealed Maya’s site to Emily, who was super duper upset and spent the entire episode crying over Maya’s videos in her dark bedroom. Nothing Maya said in her videos made sense and I got tired of seeing Emily cry like .5 seconds after she started. The only thing that made it interesting was when Paige caught her. I thought we were headed for a serious argument, but instead Paige understood because she lost her grandpa and she knows what it’s like to want to hear the voices of dead loved ones.

While Hanna’s mother was trying to get the police off her daughter’s back and making out with the semi-creepy religious guy, Hanna was missing Caleb from afar. She received a text from A telling her to come to the grille alone, so of course she followed A’s orders. Imagine her surprise when Caleb pulled up proclaiming, “I’m A!” Hanna was confused (as she often is) until he explained that he sent the text. She got into the car and Caleb sped off to a remote area where he pushed her up against a wall and stuck his tongue down her throat. I approve.

Well, except for the fact that Hanna kissed Wren. Something tells me neither Caleb nor Spencer will be too happy to find this out. Every kiss comes out at some point, right? Especially when A knows everything.

Spencer was stressed about forgetting to apply to college. Apparently that happens you spend all your time focusing on the mystery of your dead best friend’s murder, your stalker A, and lying to your boyfriend. You’d think Spencer would be so bent out of shape about missing the early admissions deadline for Harvard or Yale, but nah, she’s just worried about the University of Pennsylvania.

Thankfully, CeCe Drake comes to the rescue by dragging Spencer and Aria off to a party to meet someone from admissions, which ends up being at the Kahn lakehouse. Meet Eric Kahn, Noel’s older brother. At the party, Noel and Jenna are cozy and everyone played a game of truth where for an allotted time two people ask questions back and forth. Spencer played with Jenna, basically revealing what we already knew: she found Emily that night, all super drunk and confused and tried to help her out. After the game was over, Spencer stomped her feet and demanded CeCe take her home, ruining the poor girl’s chances of banging any UPenn guy. Later that night, Spencer received an email saying her early admissions application had been received and then she called Toby to tell him how much she missed him. Well, Spencer, whose fault is that?

Meanwhile, the mysterious case of Ezra Fitz continued this week when we met his younger brother, Wes, who graced us with his perfectly coiffed hair and put together wardrobe. Wes stepped straight out of a J. Crew catalog and into our hearts.

Wes took it upon himself to come to Rosewood and help Ezra buy back the car he sold, the car which actually belonged to Wes since Ezra refused to have any of his family’s money. Mrs. Bitchgerald wants that car back immediately. And as if that wasn’t enough drama – I mean, what’s with the sudden Fitz secrets?! He has the secret fiancé, the secret wealth, the secret brother and bitchy mother… Oh, and a SECRET BABY. 

Wes told Aria about Maggie, the girl Ezra knocked up and tried to do right by aka marry her into an insanely rich family and wrap their baby in hundred dollar bills for life, except Mrs. Bitchgerald wasn’t having it. She took “care” of the baby and Ezra ran away from home forever.

Aria seemed to forgive Ezra, but I don’t know if I can. This is a lot of stuff to hide from the girl you love so much that you gave up everyhting else in your entire life to be with her. I can’t decide if Ezra is just someone trying to leave the past in the past and is to stupid to realize it will catch up with him or if he thought none of this was relevant to his current relationship. Get it together, Fitz. You’re a man of literature. I expect better from you.

And then the episode ended with A renting – you guessed it! – Unit A from a woman with a seriously large collection of cats. You guys work on deciphering what that means and I’ll see you here next week!

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