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General Hospital Previews: Week of August 13


Julie Berman & Dominic Zamprogna

An unexpected pregnancy, hospitalizations, proposals and the end of what was this week on General Hospital!


Lulu tells Dante that she’s pregnant and the two are elated, even though the pregnancy is unexpected. They visit Luke and learn that Heather had an accomplice. They try to figure out who it could be. Later, they wait for a checkup with Dr. Lee. Will everything be okay?

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Carly and Johnny discover Josslyn is missing. Carly tells Jason about her daughter’s weird disappearance and later discovers something on Josslyn and rushes her to the hospital. Later, Josslyn takes a turn for the worse. While Carly confers with Steve, Johnny prays in the chapel, fearful that Carly and Josslyn are paying for what he did to Cole and Hope.

After Sam tells her mother that her marriage is over, Alexis faints and John helps Sam get her to the hospital, where they learn Josslyn is also being treated. Suspicious, John realizes that Alexis may have been lured to Wyndemere. He and Jason go to the island to investigate the property and have a surprise run-in. Sam questions Alexis about what happened at Wyndemere. Alexis also takes a turn for the worse.


Sonny proposes to Kate. Ewen follows orders. Steve apologizes for his mother’s actions. Star breaks down after visiting Josslyn. Shawn is deeply affected by Alexis’s illness. Todd answers Heather’s many phone messages. Trey starts to reveal more about his father’s arrest to Kristina.

Jason and Sam say goodbye on Monday, August 13.

Ewen’s conscience begins to bother him after going along with a mysterious plan on Tuesday, August 14.

Patrick is released from the hospital on Wednesday, August 15.

Mac helps Shawn realize Alexis is into him on Thursday, August 16.

A mysterious plan is revealed on Friday, August 17.


Lulu and Dante meet with her doctor. Todd offers Carly his support. Kate has a flash of memory of Connie. Will Ewen be able to protect Elizabeth? Johnny is surprised to learn of someone’s return to Port Charles.

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