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Photos: Vampire Diaries Season 4 Premiere, "Growing Pains"



The Vampire Diaries doesn’t return for a few more weeks, but The CW has released episode stills that hint at what’s to come. Will Bonnie be able to save Elena? Why is Stefan in a cage? And most importantly, why is Caroline still clothed when Tyler is shirtless? Come inside and click through the photos to see what we can expect when the show returns on October 11. 

When we left Mystic Falls last spring, the town was in chaos. Alaric had gone to the council about the vampire infestation before he died. Rebekah enacted revenge on Elena. Stefan and Damon were waiting to see who won Elena’s heart – Sorry, Damon! And in a very surprising twist of events, Elena died with vampire blood in her system thanks to Dr. Meredith Fell.

It’s safe to say we’ve been anticipating season four since season three ended and now we’ve got some episode stills to get viewers excited all over again. Click through the photos below to get a preview of what’s to come. Don’t forget to leave your theories on what’s happening in the comments below! 


Jeremy looks very concerned about Bonnie’s decision to try and bring human Elena back from the other side. I approve this. Are things over for these two? Or will they be able to get past Jeremy’s whole seeing dead girlfriends fiasco? 

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 It looks like Bonnie is trying to make contact with the other side. Do you think they ever get tired of hearing from her? I know I do. 

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I approve this hand-holding.

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Jeremy is probably concerned because Bonnie is bleeding out of her nose again. 

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Elena must be having that awkward moment where she realizes her usually abnormally strong boyfriend was suddenly only capable of saving her or Matt and always the dutiful boyfriend, Stefan saved Matt like she wanted, and now she is dead thanks to Dr. Fell’s use of vampire blood on her patients. Things could be worse though, right, Elena? 

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Is anyone else wondering why Stefan appears to be locked in the cage and there’s no Elena insight? This cannot be good.

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Caroline loves pushing Tyler up against trees in the forest. What’s going to happen when she realizes Tyler is actually Klaus?

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Whether he’s Klaus or Tyler is besides the point, Caroline. His shirt is off and you’re still wearing clothes. This is a problem.

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TyKlaus is displeased, you guys. This is never a good sign.

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This might be the picture that interests me most. Rebekah appears locked up and bloody, which will undoubtedly spawn revenge from her and TyKlaus when she’s free. Who do you think has taken her? And why? 

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The Vampire Diaries: Season 4 Cast Photos

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