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Revenge Season 2 Premiere Spoilers: Will Emily find her mother? Is Victoria really dead?



The show doesn’t return until September 30, but we’ve got a few spoilers to tide you over… Or rather, keep you salivating until the season two premiere.

When we left the Hamptons last May, Emily and Daniel had parted ways. I’m still not over it, you guys. I don’t know if I ever will be. Jack learned he was expecting a child with Amanda, preventing Emily from admitting her true feelings. Victoria’s plane had exploded, along with the evidence incriminating Conrad. Charlotte overdosed on pills and alcohol. And Emily learned her mother was actually alive.

The season premiere picks up on Labor Day, and in true Revenge fashion, goes back a few months to before Memorial Day. Okay, I know the time jump may not be the most interesting thing for you, so I’ll get to it. Here’s what you can expect in the season premiere:

Emily has taken extreme measures to bring repressed memories of her mother to surface. If you’ve seen any promos, you just may be able to figure out what exactly I’m talking about. Takeda (who has been recasted by the way) isn’t too keen on his student using his exercises to figure out her past. Does he know something about her mother he wants Emily to keep from remembering?

Takeda wasn’t the only man training Emily. There’s a new tall dark and handsome that seems to care about her a little too much, so much that Emily pulls a knife on him. She’s not down with people getting too close, guy. Don’t take it personally. Who is this guy? Why does Emily regret trusting him? Why does he care so damn much? Ahhh! I am freaking out over this. Okay, over everything.

Ashley is still the same old Hamptons try hard. If you suspected she might use Daniel’s newfound state of mind (dead mother and broken engagement), you were indeed correct. Can I just say that seeing Ashley put her hands on Daniel makes me want to throw up? I will never be able to unsee it and it will haunt my dreams for nights to come. Judging from Daniel’s heartache over mother and the way he stands in Victoria’s tower and stares at Emily’s house, I’d say he still loves her, which means Ashley is nothing more than a filler. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. Can Emily address this relationship in some way? Any way? Preferably a violently one that’s aimed at Ashley. Oh, by the way, Daniel rocks a plain black t-shirt quite beautifully. He’s taking this mourning business quite seriously.

Conrad, however, is not quite mourning like the rest of his family. Victoria’s death (and I’m still not quite convinced she’s dead, but that’s just a gut feeling) has him closing in on Daniel and his trust fund. Will Daniel fall prey to Conrad’s advances?

Charlotte is alive. I know, I know. Not exactly the happiest moment of my life either, but I have a feeling she’ll still be at trainwreck with a stash of pain pills beneath her pillow. As long as she and Declan don’t reunite and wallow in teenage self-pity again, Charlotte can stick around. There’s still a lot of story to be played out here, like when Emily’s identity finally comes out and Charlotte learns this is her sister.

Meanwhile, Jack isn’t exactly too happy with Amanda. He’s taken to sleeping on his boat and it’s painfully obvious Amanda feels a little left out and abandoned. I’d feel sorry for her, except she’s awful in every way imaginable, and her child is pretty much an abomination. The brothers are also having money problems.

Nolan has taken up boxing. He has a new haircut and is walking around shirtless. It’s everything you never knew you wished for. Who knew the awkward, computer geek was hiding such a beautiful body beneath all those expensive clothes? Self-defense looks good on him. He’s taken refuge in the city, but Emily drags him back to the Hampton’s.

Back at her house, Emily reveals her repressed memories, which have led her to Angel of Mercy Hospital. She and Nolan investigate the hospital and find connections to her father… and Victoria that leave you OMGing until the pieces come together. Why was Emily’s mother in his hospital? Why did her father act like she was dead? What would Victoria want with her? And most importantly, where is she now?


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