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Partners Series Premiere Recap


CBS’s new comedy Partners tells the story of what happens when two best friends go into business together, and are heavily entangled in each other’s lives. However, is the ½ comedy worth your time or is it a blink and you miss it disaster?

Before I answer that let’s look at what actually went down this episode.

Best friends Louis (Michael Urie) and Joe (David Krumholtz) work together in an architecture firm where they set out to make their dream buildings into realities.   Though all is not right in the duo’s personal lives as Louis is struggling with resentment that his boyfriend Wyatt (Brandon Routh) is a nurse and not a doctor, while Joe is debating if he wants to end his relationship with Ali (Sophia Bush) or marry her (as she has given him the ultimatum.) Eventually Joe decides to end things with Ali but upon attempting to break the news to her Joe decides to follow Louis’s suggestion, following his gut instinct, and proposes to Ali. Excited the next morning Ali runs into Louis at yoga class where he lets it slip that Joe was going to dump her, at which point Ali decides to call the whole relationship off, but after a poignant moment between Ali and Louis (in which Louis asks Ali to marry Joe) all is placed right in the world.

So that’s all well and good, but was the show actually GOOD? This is where I struggle, because I will be completely honest and say I thought the pilot was overall dull. The moments that I liked were few and far between, with bad gay stereotyped scenes, mixed in with laugh track and a lack of chemistry between the actors that simply made me say wonder why exactly I was watching this. But the level of acting brought about by the main trio (Joe, Louis and Ali) MADE this show worth watching, and I am hoping that as the writers get into their groove and the actors continue to work together that the issues that I had with the pilot will be fixed over time, but until they are I can’t really give the series a ringing endorsement, but if you got thirty minutes to kill give Partners a shot you might find some enjoyment in it.

Feel free to leave your comments below letting me know why you think Partners is the BEST NEW SHOW of the fall, and definitely the show to catch, or if you agree with me, what you think needs to happen for the show to improve and win you over.

Johnathon K.
Johnathon K. is a staff writer for TV Source Magazine. With a love of soaps, the Super Sentai Series and gaming, John's passion comes through in his writing and as a featured host of the TV Source Podcast, where he also serves as producer. In 2019, John launched his own podcast series "Our Take Media" which gives his take on various things in TV from soaps to reality television.

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