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Modern Family Season Premiere Recap: "Bringing Up Baby"


Modern Family returned last night and proved exactly why they continue to win the Primetime Emmy for Best Comedy Series. I, like many, was very happy to welcome America’s favorite comedy back. The season premiere picked up pretty much right where the season finale left off; we found out Gloria is pregnant. However, the episode ends a little differently…more on that later.

We start out on the morning of Jay’s birthday where he’s sure to tell Gloria and Manny that he wants no surprises. Well…safe to say with Gloria’s news he has at least one coming for sure. Phil arrives with two of Jay’s friends and they “kidnap” him for his birthday…and hilarity ensues. After they’ve gone, unable to hold it in any longer, Gloria tells Manny she’s pregnant.

In the Dunphy household, Claire is still Claire and Alex is still a nerd. Which I love! Haley has a hangover and her boyfriend, Dylan spent the night on their couch. Haley tries to talk Claire into letting Dylan stay with them for a few weeks and has no luck. Dylan tries to guilt Claire into it as well. Still, no luck. Later, when Gloria is there preparing for Jay’s dinner, she shares with Claire that she is pregnant. Claire’s hilarious response? “You’re gonna get fat!” Meanwhile, Luke causes Manny to freak out over the new baby.

When we left Cam and Mitch in the season finale, they had just learned they didn’t get the baby boy they were supposed to be adopting. They both agreed it was for the best, but you could still see they were both saddened by this turn of events. When they informed Lily that she wouldn’t be getting a baby brother (whom she asked to name Larry) after all, she then requested a kitten. When they tried to adopt a kitten they were given a bit of a hard time with the woman in charge of it all. Now, I forgot to mention that they had received a giant stuffed elephant and gorilla as baby gifts from friends that they tried to donate before trying to adopt the kitten. As Cam tries to explain to the woman why they would be perfect for the kitten, Mitch pulls up in their car behind him and the hydraulics on the car are making the giant stuffed elephant and gorilla move in a very…controversial way on the roof of the car. In one word: Hilarious. Second best moment of the episode.

Everyone starts to arrive at the Dunphy house to celebrate Jay’s birthday. Claire has been trying to get in touch with Jay so she could warn him that he was about to receive some very important news and he’s not to react rudely, which he has a history of doing. She finally gets the chance to do so quickly when he arrives. In walk Cam and Mitch with Lily and they inform everyone that they’ve decided to adopt a cat. Thinking this was the news that Claire warned him about, Jay was sure to act very supportive and happy. Gloria then walks in and blurts out that she’s pregnant. Instead of giving him a chance to react, she assumes he’s not going to be happy and tells him that she is just fine raising the baby on her own. To her, and everyone else’s surprise, he’s happy about the baby! Such a beautiful, sweet moment with wonderful things said from Jay to Gloria. Best moment of the episode.

Then they fast forward a few months. Gloria is very pregnant. Phil has a beard. Haley’s boyfriend Dylan lives with the Dunphys. Cam and Mitch have their cat and Lily did name him Larry. I will admit, that whole fast forward thing threw me off, but I love that they did it. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m looking forward to what I’m sure is going to be a hilarious season!

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